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Overview Availability and Access

Edit Details Options
Edit Details Options

This set of options appears under several functions for the Resources tool. To see the options, click Add Details for this Item.

The "Availability and Access"options, determines who can access the file, URL, folder, Citation List, HTML page, or Text Document, and when it's available to those selected to see it.

Options are as follows:

Showing or Hiding the Resource

Undoing an Ending Date to Make a Resources Item Visible Again

You can set beginning and ending dates for items in your site's Resources. If an item with an ending date is no longer visible and you'd like to make it available again:

Detailed Descriptors

See the Resources article for more information.

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This article is based on the equivalent Sakai help article created by Indiana University found at: http://kb.iu.edu/data/arcr.html.
Additional sources of content include Brock University's Sakai / Isaak Wiki and the University of Florida Sakai / e-Learning Documentation with thanks and appreciation for the collaboration.

All respective sources used are under a free-for-reuse license and additional permission has been obtained.

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