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CLEW (Collaboration and Learning Environment Windsor) is the University of Windsor's learning management and collaboration system.

CLEW is part of a global network of educators using open-source software called Sakai, otherwise known as a Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE). Sakai can be used beyond the classroom as free, open-source software, which offers the ultimate in flexibility, avoids the risks of vendor lock-in and escalating license costs, and can be customized. Also, institutions can join the Sakai environment with other well-known foundation partners like Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, Indiana University, Yale University, University of MichiganColumbia UniversityOxford University, University of Cambridge, and the list goes on! The global adoption continues to grow. The University of Windsor is one of the first Canadian partners in the Sakai team.

CLEW is used to support teaching and learning in face-to-face courses, distance education courses, and courses that are a blend of the two. Using CLEW, instructors can:

CLEW is also designed to support research and collaboration efforts. CLEW may be used to facilitate ad-hoc collaboration, to administer a study, to collaborate on a grant, or to run a study group between individuals within one or several institutions.


University of Windsor - CLEW Help

Welcome to the University of Windsor's CLEW Help articles!

For help using Blackboard, the University of Windsor's new learning management system, please visit the Blackboard help pages.

Below you will find a collection of articles, FAQ's, and known issues for CLEW. This wiki is a work in progress so continue to check back here as we will be updating the content frequently.

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CLEW Known Issues

Known issues are "bugs" that have been identified. See the full lists of issues, possible work arounds, and the status of problem correction. A list of resolved Known Issues can also be found here. Known Issues Occasionally, CLEW's servers experience unanticipated outages. These are tracked in an article entitled CLEW Downtime.


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