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This article offers some free or demonstration software available on the Internet that instructors or students might find interesting.



The article below from Educause discusses the issues to consider when linking third party applications into sites. You might find it helpful to point out some issues you may not of thought of.

Educause - Policy as an Enabler of Student Engagement
EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 45, no. 5 (September/October 2010): 104–105 by Merri Beth Lavagnino

Institutions are now struggling to accommodate pedagogical advances without putting the institution at risk for lawsuits. This article discusses the complexity of instructors adding third-party tools and social media for student engagement into their course sites. Considerations about issues such as privacy, security and intellectual property or copyright implications are explored and some guidelines are suggested. Additional links to other sites discussing the issues are available in the Notes section at the bottom of the article.

Additionally, there are serious issues of what free or third-party tools are collecting with regards to student data, and further, what is happening to that data. Tools need to be investigated prior to deploying as a required part of a course. This article, entitled Popular Discussion Platform Piazza Getting Pushback for Selling Student Data by author Phil Hill, Nov. 10, 2016, discusses implications and pushback for selling student data.

This blog article for VISME by author Samantha Lile, May 31, 2017, contains a handy flowchart for deciding when you can use an image from the internet. It is using U.S. Law and Creative Commons references, but it can still be useful for the decision process. More information on Canadian Copyright considerations found on the Leddy Library Copyright site.

Cool Free Tools

Please forward information about your favorite resource(s) that you've found in your journey using the web to so we can share with each and build this resource. Here are a few of our favorites with their links under some categories we've started. If your resource doesn't fit into the categories we've set up, please feel free to let us know where you think it might fit. Make sure you've tested your resource first before recommending it, and if you have any cautionary notes about its use, please let us know. In the future, this page will be able to be updated by members of the University of Windsor campus directly, so stay tuned!



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