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Get Started with Email Tool:

The Email tool allows students to compose and send emails to your professor,TA's, GA's, or site participants. Also it provides rich-text editing, file attachment, group/section-aware recipient selection, and a field for specifying non-site participant email addresses, without leaving CLEW. The Email tool uses your UWin email address to send the email to the other person's email account.

To get started, click Email in the left-hand tool menu. If you don’t see it in the menu, your professor has decided to deactivate this tool on this site.

 email tool

Send an Email Message:

  1. On the Email home page, select recipient(s) of your email by selecting the check box beside the name. There are five choices of recipient selection available in drop-down selectors: All, Role, Group, Section and Add Other Recipients
    • If you want to send a copy to non-site-participant, enter the recipient's email address in the "Other recipient(s)" text field
  2. Enter a subject in the subject text box. CLEW will automatically insert the course number at the beginning of the subject when you send the message.
  3. Enter your message into the message text box.
  4. You may include attachments in the e-mail. The total attachment size cannot exceed 10 MB (as per University policy). To include an attachment, select the Browse button, find the desired file on your computer, and double click on the file name (or click once and click Open).
  5. Finally check "Send me a copy" if desired.
  6. When you are finished composing your message, select Send Mail. To exit without sending a message, select Cancel.
  7. To ensure you receive a copy, make sure the Send me a copy checkbox has a check in it.

FAQ- Email

How do I send a message to students?

 How to send an email to a student via "Roles"

There are a couple different methods of going about e-mailing a classmate.

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