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The Feedback tool is useful for securely providing any type of information to individual students by importing the information from a .csv file into CLEW in Sakai. While you can provide feedback using the Gradebook and Assignments, the Feedback tool provides other opportunities to distribute information.

Examples Using Feedback Tool

What the Feedback Tool is Capable Of

Using the Feedback tool, you can upload a comma delimited (CSV) spreadsheet to present feedback to site participants.

Feedback provides the following functionality:

Feedback Post Grades Basics

Feedback Key Concepts and Considerations

Feedback Spreadsheet example
Feedback Spreadsheet example

Spreadsheet formatting: For a spreadsheet file to be compatible with Feedback, it must be:

  1. Saved in .csv format
  2. The first column must contain UWin ID's in lower case, and
  3. The first row must contain headings. Other data cells may contain text or numerical values.
  4. When you update an existing feedback file, this will overwrite the original Feedback posting and reset the Last Checked column to never, so you will lose the tracking of when a participant has viewed their feedback when you update the file.

Create a .csv File for Import into Feedback

You must begin with a .csv file that contains the student usernames. This is easily accomplished by exporting and downloading a Gradebook, or Roster file.


  1. Click Gradebook
  2. Click All Grades
  3. Click Export as CSV at the upper right corner of the screen.

Note: You may need to delete columns if there are already entries in the Gradebook (except the first one containing the UWin ID) to prepare for the information you want to display in the current Feedback file you want to work on.


  1. Click Roster
  2. Click Export at the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Delete the first column "Name." The second column "User ID" is the one that needs to be first for a Feedback file. You can also delete the Email Address and Role columns if you wish as that is redundant information. Then insert your column heading(s) containing what you wish to give feedback on, and the enter data in the corresponding rows/cells for students or participants.

Add Feedback to the CSV File (Rubric Example)

Excel Save As feature
Excel Save As
Save as .csv
Save as .csv
  1. Open the file you downloaded from one of the above sources. The file will be displayed in MS Excel. There will be columns other than the student username and student name. You can delete those.
  2. To use this tool as a grading rubric for an Assignment, label each column with a part of the rubric. For example, Citation 10%, Grammar 10%, Position Statement 15%, Support for Position 25%, Evidence and Examples 25%, Closing Paragraph 15%, Total Grade 100%.
  3. Enter your comments beside each student's name for each of these topics. You can also include the points awarded for each item.
  4. Save the spreadsheet with a name that identifies it as your Feedback spreadsheet, and save as a .csv (see inset images Excel Save As and Save as .csv to right).
  5. When you save, you will get a warning saying that the file may contain features that are not compatible with CSV. Answer Yes to that warning.
  6. Close the file

Import Feedback File

  1. Click Feedback in the left menu bar.
  2. Click Add at the top of the screen.
  3. "Title" - Enter a descriptive title (maximum length is 30 characters), such as "Rubric for Assignment 1"
  4. Click Choose File
  5. Locate the file and double-click it.
  6. If you want this Feedback released immediately (i.e., allow your students to see the grades, or participants to see your comments), check the "Release feedback to participants?" box.
  7. Click Post or to cancel, click Cancel.
  8. On the "Verify Upload" page, you will see a sample of how the file will appear. To continue and post the file, click Save. To return to the upload screen, click Back.

To upload additional files, repeat the instructions above.

Updating a Posted Feedback File

Once you have a Feedback item in the system, you can update it rather than adding new feedback.

  1. Click "Update" (not Add this time) beside the Feedback item.
  2. Browse for your updated .csv file. This will overwrite the original Feedback posting and reset the Last Checked column to never, so you will lose the tracking of when a participant has viewed their feedback when you update the file.
  3. If you wish to release the feedback to participants (i.e., allow the students to see the grades), check Release feedback to participants? . This option may already be selected based on the original file.
  4. To save your file, click Post; to cancel, click Cancel.
  5. On the Verify Upload page, you can preview how the file will appear. To continue and post the file, click Save. To return to the upload screen, click Back.

Deleting a Posted Feedback File

  1. Find the file you want to delete, and click Delete.
  2. To confirm the deletion, click Delete. To cancel the deletion, click Cancel.

Viewing Feedback in a Posted File

Instructors and assistants can view feedback in the entire posted file or the feedback for an individual participant.

To View the Entire Posted File

  1. Find the file to view, and click View. The contents of the posted file will appear. Names of participants who have not checked their feedback will appear in red.
  2. Under "Last Checked", you can see the last time participants checked their feedback.
  3. To return to the main Feedback screen, click Back.

To View Feedback for a Single Participant

  1. Find the appropriate file, and click View Participant.
  2. Use the drop-down list to select a participant. You'll see the feedback as it will appear to that person.
  3. To return to the main Feedback screen, click Back.

FAQ – Feedback

How do I . . .?

Upload to Feedback?

Be sure to Save. Once you've selected a file to upload in the Feedback tool and clicked Post, you will receive a verification screen. You must click the Save button or your upload will not be saved to your site.

Release grades?

When you upload your grades file in the Feedback tool, make sure you place a check mark beside Release feedback to participants? If you don't, your students will not be able to see their grades. If you have uploaded and saved a file without releasing grades, then when you are ready, you will have to use Update, reload the new file and then click Release Grades and Save.

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