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Getting New Course Sites

Course Site Automation

Blackboard Learn's course creation process is different than our previous LMS CLEW. You won't need to request a site anymore except in special circumstances where your course site isn't automatically generated. Instead, there will be an automatic process whereby, once your course code is entered into the Student Information System (SIS), and you are connected to that course in the SIS as the Instructor of Record, a regular process runs and will automatically create a "Course Shell." This shell is not available to students until you make it available (see below).

What if My Course Doesn't Appear?

If you do not have a course shell created, but the following three conditions have been met:

submit a Service Request by visiting Please provide the course code, section, semester, your UWin ID (and other instructors, or Departmental Support staff's UWin ID's) with your request. If you are just getting started (i.e. recently hired), ensure your department has submitted your UWin ID and Course Code to the Registrar to be included in the SIS. This will trigger a Blackboard course shell to be created within 24 hours.

Occasionally, there are still issues with getting a course site and by getting the Service Request started, the LMS Administrator can generate a "Sandbox Course Site" where you can prepare your materials. These materials can be copied into your actual course shell once the three conditions above have been met, and you can then continue on and Set the Availability of your site to Yes so your students can access it (see below).

Early Birds - Getting a Course Site Well in Advance

If you want to get an early start on building your site well in advance of the semester, you can submit a Service Request by visiting and ask for a sandbox site. Please provide the course code, section, semester, your UWin ID (and other instructors, or Departmental Support staff's UWin ID's) with your request. The LMS Team will prepare a sandbox site for you to develop your site in and then you can use it as a template to continue to keep current for future copies of the site. This way, no student work will occur in the site, and you can continue to update it on an ongoing basis as much as you wish. When you import your content to the automated course shell, then you can use the Date Management feature with Blackboard to update due dates prepared in the course in assignments, tests, etc.

Where do I find the Course?

You will see this newly created course when you log in to Blackboard and review your courses. Courses are seen at the top of the Blackboard site under the Courses tab, or when you are on the Home tab, it appears as My Courses. Finally, it can also be seen from the Global Navigation drop-down list up by your name in the top right corner of the Blackboard site. The course will appear with a unique code, the course code, and the course name. It is by default, set to not currently available, so you have time to prepare it before your students see it.

What about the Next Semester?

For subsequent semesters, your course will be automatically created as described above. The semester number will be provided in the course name, and the course will be unavailable until you set it to be available (described below).

Set Course Availability (formerly LAUNCH THIS SITE in CLEW)

Site Not Available

Once you are ready to activate your course, so your students can see it, select Customization -> Properties -> Set Availability. Switch to Yes, and click Submit.

Courses come automatically set to No to give you time to prepare the site, so you must activate them manually when you are ready. Additionally, you will notice this status as "not currently available," when viewing your list of courses in the Course tab. The text appears beside the name of the course.

What will my Course Site Contain?

The default menu for course shells is:

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