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UW Quizzing Tool

This tool has been enhanced as of Fall 2013 to enable instructors the ability to create their own quizzes & tests, therefore removing the requirement to produce them 3 weeks in advance, as was the practice previously. With this new functionality however, comes the added responsibility for instructors to take extra care in the preparation of their online quizzes & tests, and preparing their students to use the tool. It is highly recommended to test out the quiz in advance of the actual quiz date to avoid unintended circumstances.


The Quizzes & Tests II tool enables an instructor to add, create and administer multiple choice quizzes, tests, or exams on-line where questions groups can also be subdivided by Sections.

Questions can be randomly ordered, or appear in the order that they were created.

Choices within a question can be randomly ordered; or by using the Order option, can be positioned with a specified order (see the Choices section for more information).

Using the online rich text editor, you can include links or other formatting features available with the editor, or paste in graphics to customize the appearance of the Assessment Instructions, Section Introductions, Questions or Choices.

Get Started with Quizzes & Tests II

Ensure that you have the Quizzes & Tests II tool enabled in your site. Check the left menu to see if the Quizzes & Tests II tool is visible. If it is not, follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Click on the Site Editor tool in the left menu.
  2. Click on the Edit Tools link.
  3. Verify that Quizzes & Tests II tool has a checkmark beside it.
  4. Click on Continue and Finish to finalize the activation.

Quizzes & Tests II Permissions

Adjustments to permissions for the Quizzes & Tests II tool are only able to be performed by the LMS Administrator. The following describe which roles have certain permissions:

Assessments Home

This is the first view you see when entering the tool (see image below).

Main screen of Quizzes & Tests II

Features in the Quizzes & Tests II home page include:

Sections, and Creating Questions become available AFTER you have saved the information about the assessment. For more details about the overall assessment, see the Create Assessment section. For details about creating and editing sections, questions and choices, see the Sections, Questions and Choices area of this article.

Create Assessment

Create Assessment: Opens screen that provides options to select from and edit for the overall entire assessment. Once you have set up the initial framework of the assessment, you will be given the option to Save and Add Questions.

 New Assessment
  1. Assessment Name: Enter a name for your assessment.
  2. Instructions: Rich text field for you to enter information about the test for your participants to read upon entry to the assessment. This will be displayed at top of the assessment, and contained in a box with a light green background to differentiate it from the contents of the assessment. This editor enables you to paste in images (Copy and ctrl + V), and utilize any other formatting features provided by the editor to provide customization of the look of the content. The maximum number of characters is 4000, including any pasted in graphics.
  3. Time Limit: Enter the maximum time students are allowed to complete the assessment (note students with exceptions are handled elsewhere – this is for the majority of the students taking the assessment).
  4. Classification of Assessment (i.e. Test, Exam, Quiz): is just a label that is used throughout the assessment, which is visible to users. This label is displayed on the "setup" page, which you see before you start actually taking the quiz, which is the page with the "Start" button.
  5. Shuffle questions to appear in random order: When this has been selected, the questions will appear in a random order, otherwise, they will appear in the order they have been created.
  6. Number of attempts available to all students: Enter how many times the student may take the test using the drop-down list available. This may be from 1-10 attempts, or unlimited.
  7. Assessment available from: Enter the start date and time for the test to become available to students using either the “date picker” tool, or by entering directly into the text field. Order of entry is MM/DD/YYYY hr:mi.
  8. Assessment available to: Enter the date and time the test will no longer be available for the students to access using either the “date picker” tool, or by entering directly into the text field. Order of entry is MM/DD/YYYY hr:mi.
  9. The date on which grades will be available: Enter the date and time to show students their results using either the “date picker” tool, or by entering directly into the text field. Order of entry is MM/DD/YYYY hr:mi. This is only to select when students see their grades, not their actual answers.
  10. When will students be able to review their answers?: Enter the date and time to show students how they answered the questions from the available choices(and the correct choice) using either the “date picker” tool, or by entering directly into the text field. Order of entry is MM/DD/YYYY hr:mi. If this field is left blank, the student’s won’t be able to review their choice selection ever.
  11. Email Notifications: The instructor can choose to have an email notification sent to the students upon completion of the assessment. To turn this feature on, the instructor must check the Send Students an Email Notification? check-box option in the Assessment Creation/Edit screen.

Note: The values for the options 9 & 10 above may vary if you don’t want to reveal the student’s choices and grade results simultaneously by setting different date/times in those two fields. Alternatively, you can make both the date on which grades will be available and When will students be able to review their answers the same date/time if you want students to have immediate feedback about their results and their answer choices.

 Grades available

Save Assessment Options

The following options are available for you to determine the status of your assessment:

Preview Quiz: Opens a preview window of current saved assessment in another window.

Assessment Status

 Assessment published and open

Unpublished: If an assessment is unpublished, students cannot see it. If an assessment has been published, but nobody has completed it, it can be unpublished by clicking Save as Draft. Once published, and at least one student has completed it, you will see a warning if you edit the assessment, as any changes may alter the results.

Published: The assessment is available to be seen by the students.

If the Assessment available to date has passed, the student has completed the assessment, and options have been enabled to see the grades and / or responses, the students will be able to see their result when visiting the tool.

 Status Closed Completed and Grades are available (for student)

Open: When the date is between the Assessment available from and Assessment available to, it is considered Open.

Closed: When the date is before or past the Assessment available to date/time it will appear as Closed.

To complete the Assessment Information section, click Save and Add Questions, or click Cancel to clear changes.

After Save and Add Questions has been clicked, you will be able to create Sections and/or Create Questions and Choices.

Assessment Options

View Grades

This screen summarizes the entire list of student results by various categories as described below. Additionally, a log of the student’s attempt is available to help troubleshoot problems.

 Instructor view Grades and log

View Question Analysis

Features available in the View Question Analysis section

Clicking on the arrows for a column header in the data table will provide sorting options (alphabetically - ascending or descending).

Name: Last Name, First Name (same as found in the Roster tool). If you click on student’s name, it will show you a preview (snapshot) of the student’s final submission for the assessment, question by question, and with the actual answer submitted.

If for some reason, the student didn’t actually submit the assessment, instructors can still see efforts that were completed, as the tool takes “snapshots” as the student progresses. Contact LMS Administrator for additional help, or manually override student’s grade in Gradebook if applicable.

UWinID: Displays the student’s UWinID in this column.

Submitted: Displays the date/time when the assessment was actually submitted, or the currently in progress status, or if the assessment was not finished.

Score: Displays the correct number of answers achieved (out of the maximum total possible) for the assessment.

%: Displays the correct number of answers achieved (divided by maximum total possible) as a percentage value.

Duration: Displays the length of time the individual took to complete the assessment (Hr/Min/Sec), or displays if they didn’t complete the assessment.

View Log: Displays the sequence of each question / answer and ordered by time, as they answered throughout quiz, (only visible to instructors)

Options to convert to snapshot from another attempt of the quiz

Export Grades to Gradebook: Pick from drop-down list for export choices

Highest Grade: if more than one attempt, the tool will pick the highest achieved grade for all quiz attempts

Mean Grade: if more than one attempt, the average of all attempts to 1 decimal place

Median Grade: Middle grade out of more than one attempt for student quiz, to 1 decimal place

Last Grade: Last attempt before quiz closes. No submissions are possible after quiz closes. If a quiz is incomplete when quiz closes, the previous fully submitted quiz will be used. If the student runs out of time (when the timer on the page reaches 0:00) the tool will auto-submit the student’s answers up to that point, and the student will be directed to a “Submission Complete” page. All results and attempts can be viewed by the instructor in the View Log of the View Grades interface.

Remove from Gradebook: Remove entry associated with this assessment from Gradebook

Question Analysis - Details

Question Analysis View

When you select the View Question Analysis link, it provides you with a statistical summary analysis of the quiz after it has been closed or while active. Click the link question number, if you require more detail about what a question contained and which option was selected as the correct answer. Table headers are explained below:

Note, in instances where a quiz section is set up to select for example, 3 out of 5 questions, the number of "Times Given," "Times correct," or "Percentage correct" may not be the same for all questions.

Wiki Bulb Icon.gif Note: Select the Return to Grades link to be directed to the main grading screen for that quiz.

Export Grades to Gradebook

Manage Exceptions

 Manage Exceptions interface

Students may have situations that require specific treatment, such as extra time, different open/close times, number of attempts, etc.

To access the exceptions options, click the Manage Exceptions link found beside the assessment on the main page of Quizzes & Tests II tool.

 Table headers sortable
  1. You will be provided with the student roster with test criteria listed in a table, where you can click the arrows on the header of a column to access sorting options for display (Name, Uwin ID, Time Limit, Number of Attempts, Date Quiz Opens, Date Quiz Closes, Answer Review, Options).
  2. Click the New Exception link beside the name of the student requiring the exception.
  3. Any previous exception(s) for that student will be displayed. If no exception exists, the options with the default quiz conditions that were set up when creating quiz will be visible.
  4. Click and edit any of the following fields requiring the change:
    1. Select Time Limit (adjustable)
    2. Number of attempts (for that specific student): Dropdown menu (max 10, or unlimited)
    3. Quiz available to: (mm/dd/yyyy/ hh:mm) (select from calendar, pick date/time)
    4. Quiz available from: (mm/dd/yyyy/ hh:mm) (select from calendar, pick date/time)
    5. When will this student be able to review their answers? (ex. MM/DD/YYYY hh:mi)
    6. Click Save to complete or Cancel to clear changes.
 Edit Exception interface

Copy Quiz (Under Development)

Copy Quiz (Under Development): Provides a list of all assessments from other CLEW sites you belong to (as an instructor/organizer) where you can import a copy of a selected quiz into the current site. Once copied, the assessment comes into the current site with the Unpublished status, with previous information settings about the assessment. Review carefully to see if the previous settings will still apply in the current site.

Sections, Questions and Choices

When saving the assessment for the first time (using the Save and Add Questions button), you will automatically be given a Section to work within, and the Add Question button will appear. Sections cannot be reordered and will appear in the order that they were created. There is no option to re-position a section within the assessment.

 Add questions interface


A Section is a container for a group of questions with:

  1. The number of questions that student is required to answer from that section. The tool will randomly choose from the available number of questions created for that section, the defined number for the assessment. E.g. system will choose 2 of the 5 questions in this area that the instructor has established
  2. An introduction, which is similar to the assessment instructions, but it is displayed with each section. The rich text editor can enable pictures to be pasted into this area in addition to the other standard text editing features that can be accessed to customize the content. The maximum number of characters for this field is 4000, which includes any graphics.
 Creating Sections and Questions interface

Create Section

  1. Click Add Section to start. A new blank section will appear at the bottom of existing list.
  2. Click Add Question to begin with a new question (within the section) or Delete Section to remove the entire section. (See the Add Question topic below for more information on this feature).
  3. Enter an optional Introduction into the rich text field for description of the Section. This field can remain blank if the user wishes. The field has a limit of 4000 characters. Users can copy and paste an image, but that will reduce the amount of characters available. A best practice is to link to external image instead of pasting into field to save on character availability.
  4. Click Save and Continue for content to be saved. There is NO auto-save as you progress.


Add Question

Every question is worth one mark only.

  1. Click the Add Question button, on the Section Header. The rich text Editor will appear on the New Question panel.
  2. Enter content into the Question Prompt rich text field input, (pictures, links, etc.) for Question Stem including instructions on how to complete or answer the question. This editor enables you to paste in images (Copy and Ctrl + V, or Cmd + V), and utilize any other formatting features provided by the editor to provide customization of the look of the content. The maximum number of characters is 4000, including any pasted in graphics.
  3. Once the Question Prompt section has been completed, continue to add Choices for the question.
  4. Click Save to complete the question, or Save and Add Another Question to continue adding question in the section, or Cancel to clear any changes.
 Question prompt interface

Edit or Delete Questions

(For the Current Section)


The maximum number of choices that can be defined for any question is ten. Choice options appear below the instructions to provide a correct answer to the question (Correct Choice – Yes), or if the choice is a distractor for the question (Correct Choice – No). This editor enables you to paste in images (Copy and ctrl + V), and utilize any other formatting features provided by the editor to provide customization of the look of the content. The maximum number of characters is 4000, including any pasted in graphics.

 Add choice prompt interface

To Add a Choice

  1. Click Add Choice
  2. Enter content into the Choice Text rich text field
  3. Select whether this choice is the Correct Choice or not from the drop-down options (Yes or No). Only one correct choice can exist for the question.
  4. Enter an optional Order number.
  1. Click Add Choice to add another choice or complete the question by clicking one of the following choices:

Below the Choice Option panel you can select from the following functions:

Delete Choices

To Delete a Choice:

Import QTI Quiz File (Beta)

The QTI import feature is under development, and may produce erratic results or fail to import valid QTI files. Vigilant checking of material is required when using this feature. Please contact the CLEW team if your QTI file does not import properly by using the Problem Report form available on every CLEW site by clicking the Ask for Help link in the lower left menu.

Your textbook publisher may offer prepared quizzes in a file format known as QTI (which stands for Question and Test Interoperability). Often, the file comes bundled as a .zip (compressed format possibly containing several files), or as an .xml, which is a type of file with additional coding in so various systems can read content.

You can import properly formatted QTI quizzes into this Quizzes & Tests II tool.

Important Considerations

Import File

To upload a file, follow these steps:

  1. Click Import QTI Quiz File
  2. In the Attach your QTI file (.xml or .zip) here: section click Browse, and navigate to the file on your computer
  3. Click Upload QTI Quiz File
  4. If your file has been successfully imported, you will see it appear in the Assessment List (Home) list. If it has not imported correctly, you will see a warning similar to the following:
 Incorrectly formatted QTI file with error on import

If you see this type of warning, please contact the clew@uwindsor.ca for further support.


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