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Sakai's text editor
CLEW (Sakai) uses a single consistent editor across all areas where text can be input, by students or instructors, that is more than a few lines.

For specific details on what function each of the icons performs, see an article specific to the CK Editor.

The editor works well with most browsers. For more detailed information from the developer's site see the CK Editor Browser Compatibility article.


Copy and Paste

Paste text into this window
Paste text into this window using Ctrl + "V" or Cmd + "V" (Macs)

NEW292.jpg CK Editor allows for easier pasting text into the text editor with automated pasting functions

Insert formatted text copied from a Microsoft Word document

Copy the material from MS Word that you would like inserted in the CLEW Text editor. Put your cursor into the CLEW text box. Right click and you will see the Paste icon Then press Ctrl + V (or for Macs - Cmd + V), to paste your copied text. Click OK to add the text to the item you are composing. You’ll notice that most of the styles carry over from Word, however, you may still need to use the text editor to make final formatting adjustments to the pasted-in text.

Please note that the paste options launch new windows that may be blocked by your web browser. Please be attentive to this, and if you need help allowing pop ups please check out how to manage this with your particular browser by searching on Google.

Add a Link

Upload image
To add a link first highlight the existing text that should become a link, press the "Insert/Edit link" icon (the globe & chain) enter the linked URL or "Browse Server" for a file and finally press "OK".

Using the WYSIWYG editor

In certain tools, you can control the graphical appearance of your text using the WYSIWYG editor. The WYSIWYG toolbar has icons for editing and styling your text.

For specific details on what function each of the icons performs, see an article specific to the CK Editor.

Upload an image

It is not possible to paste a local file (like an image) directly to a website located on the server. This issue has nothing to do with CKEditor, but is related to the security model of the Internet browsers.

If you want to add images to your document, you need to upload them to a server first. You can either upload them to a server manually and then insert them using the Insert Image feature, giving the URL of the image.

To upload an image and link to it in the browser

  1. Press the Insert Image button (the one with a tiny house and sun).Insert Image icon
  2. You can then enter the URL of an image on the Internet, or select the "Browse Server" button.
  3. Once presented with the server browsing window options you can select image you have already uploaded or upload a file at that point by selecting "Browse" at the bottom of that window and upload a file from your computer.
    It's generally better to have the image pre-sized/scaled for display in Sakai.
  4. Select the image you uploaded.
  5. Press "OK" in the remaining windows.

For more information including some of the advanced features of the CK Editor Upload Image function see the Upload Image article.

Browser considerations

Supported Browsers for CLEW

Some Web browsers work better with CLEW than others.

Note: To determine which browser version you're running, on a Windows computer, click Help, and then click About Internet Explorer or About Mozilla Firefox. On a Mac, from the Firefox menu, select About Mozilla Firefox.

CLEW (Powered by Sakai CLE) is designed to work with modern browsers. You should be safe with the latest versions of the following:

CLEW (Powered by Sakai CLE) does not work with IE 7 and earlier nor with Firefox 10 and earlier.

Other Considerations
Note: You may get unexpected results if you use two browser windows to access the same tool at the same time or use multiple tabs. For best results, use only one browser window to work in the application.

Some browsers work better with CLEW than others. Please make sure you are using one of the supported web browsers (see inset at right).
To ensure that the WYSIWYG editor appears and functions properly, you must use a supported browser.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Increase the size of the Edit window

Click inside the edit window and hit CTRL+ALT+ENTER. To return the window to its normal size, click inside the edit window and hit CTRL+ALT+ENTER again.

Known Issues

Spell Check

The built-in spell checkers in Apple Safari and Google Chrome work, however with Firefox and Internet Explorer you have to click the "Source" button and find the spelling mistakes within the HTML markup.

Internet Explorer - 3rd Party Software Option

If you choose to follow these instructions please consider the potential impact this tool may have on your security and privacy.

  1. Go to the ieSpell website at: http://www.iespell.com/download.php
  2. Click on one of the download now! and proceeed through the rest of the download steps.
  3. When the installation has completed, restart your browser (if it is open).
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