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The University of Windsor has created a tool to specially integrate the results from the Blackboard Grade Centre into the eGrade tool. eGrade is the system at the University which is the conduit between final grades and the SIS. eGrade is external to Blackboard and is a stand-alone tool. The Export to eGrade tool will read the decimal value from calculated columns and then round accordingly to the nearest whole number based on the 100 grade scale.

Export to eGrade Tool

eGrade Video

To see a short video (3:26) on how this tool works, click this Export to eGrade link. Click the HD is OFF in upper right corner of screen to toggle for the HD is ON option for optimal viewing.

Getting Started with Export to eGrade

To transfer grades from Blackboard to eGrade you can begin by finding the Export to eGrade tool in your Blackboard site's Control Panel under Course Tools.

Export to eGrade tool

Export Options

Upon first arrival in the tool you will be presented with a list of students and calculated grade columns from your Blackboard site's Grade Centre. To start you should select where you would like to Export To:

Secondly, you must choose which Grade Centre column you would like to export. A column is selected by clicking the circular button next to its name. Once selected the column will be highlighted in light blue and the dropdown boxes in that column will be modifiable.

Choose column for export

Using a Pass or Fail Scheme in a Course

As Blackboard requires a numeric value to calculate, instructors who use a Pass/Fail grading scheme will need to set the minimum value for a pass in the course. There is an option available to perform this conversion.

If this applies to your course, enter this value in the Enter the minimum value for a Pass box and click Calculate. This will then apply to each student in the selected grading column on the page, and set a P or an F as determined by the "minimum value" you entered. Pass or Fail option

Review Grades and Override

Grade override

Select Destination Courses and Review Warnings

On the next page, you will be presented first with a collapsible list of any warnings about your current grade exports. These are usually if you have any blank grades or grading errors and will contain enough descriptive text for you to review and correct the issue.

Below the warnings you will see a list of courses that you have authorization to export for.

Draft Status

Each course will have a checkbox and below the course code will be the Draft Status. If your course already has grades submitted for it, it will show Draft exists below the course code. This is to let you know that any submission to this course could overwrite existing grades for students in eGrade for that course.


Export Results

Clicking Submit after selecting one or more courses will complete the export process. The next page you will see shows the results of your export process. The response you receive from eGrade will be logged in the Blackboard system and then displayed in a table on this page. To see a sample of the type of export results you may see, view image below:

Export Results

How to Interpret This Data

There are essentially 4 types of Status Codes that eGrade will return for your export.

Final Step - Log Into eGrade

The above steps will send your grades over as a draft into eGrade. Click Save and Submit to complete the process.You will then need to log-in to eGrade and confirm that those are the grades you wish to submit. This second step is necessary for the grades to be available for approval by the Chair and released to the students.

Final Grade Comments

If you have comments or feedback that you want to be available to your Dean or Dept. Head, you can enter them directly in the eGrade tool (not from Blackboard).

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