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Sending attachments in an Announcement in Blackboard can be a tricky process as there is no direct Add Attachment option. Below, please find a few options to enable your users to see various documents that you might wish to reference through an Announcement.

Link to a Document within Announcement

Instructors/Departmental Support staff can link to documents that are uploaded (Figure 1) but if a user isn’t logged into Blackboard when they open their email, they are prompted to login (Figure 2) and that can upset some thinking they are getting a virus by clicking on a link. It is perfectly appropriate, as it is a document behind a secure login so one would expect that, but it can be unnerving if you’re not ready for that to happen. If you are already logged into Blackboard, users won't get the Login prompt.

Link to add attachments in Announcment text editor
Figure 1- Link to add attachments in Announcment text editor
Promt to login
Figure 2 - Email prompt to login

Use the Email Tool Instead

You can add attachments when using the Email tool in a site instead of Announcements. After sending the email, you can keep your users informed by copying the content of the email into an Announcement which remains visible in the site. Your record of the email sent will be in your UWin email inbox, not in Blackboard as the Email tool doesn’t keep any record of what was sent within Blackboard.

Upload the Document to a Content Area in your Site and Link to it

Another easy way to provide access to the document(s) is to upload them to a Content Area (e.g. Resources) as a File or Item. Then, if you have an existing announcement with problematic links, you can edit that announcement, and change the link to point to a document in the Content Collection instead (Figure 3). Therefore, anyone accessing the announcement in the site after the initial email date can get the document too (see below). Students can also get to the file by simply accessing the Content Area also without even needing to go to the Announcement.

Link to Content Collection
Figure - 3 Link to Content Collection

These are a few ideas to get around the attachments issues.

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