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The certificate will be shared through an online accreditation system using Badgr to provide students with the opportunity to share their earned credentials issued by the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Windsor.

Certificate Details

Recipients of this online certificate will have been hired by the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Windsor and will have completed all of the Orientation badges managed through the CTL - Student Employee Orientation Blackboard course site. Further, they will have completed external assessments as identified below and assessed by the Learning Technologies Educational Consultant and Learning Management System Administrator. Once achieved, this badge will be valid for a maximum of 5 years before requiring reassessment. Specifically, the achievement consists of the following badges within the CTL Student Employment Orientation site:

  • Student Blackboard Cadet - consisting of the sum of the three courses in the Knowledge Training section (Getting Started, Assessing Learners, Managing Student Performance) equals 3
  • CTL Workshop Cadet - for posting at least 5 Name Your Topic session and completing one session with a registered attendee
  • Customer Service Cadet - for successfully resolving at least 5 service request tickets in Team Dynamix
  • IGNITE Cadet - for completing the new-hire checklist which is comprised of IGNITE (UWindsor Work-Study Program) tasks and processes
  • Office365 Cadet - for completing all Office365-related tasks in the Onboarding checklist

In addition to:

  • successfully preparing, facilitating, and follow-up from a Getting Started in Blackboard workshop (with assistance from the LTEC) covering tools such as the course menu, Blackboard's layout, announcements, content creation, and providing an overview of using assignments, quizzes, columns in the Grade Centre, and student monitoring tools
  • completing an online quiz covering topics identified throughout the course such as the dashboard, Office 365, TeamDynamix, bbconsults email, team calendar or others as relevant
  • completing an oral exam covering scenarios as identified as relevant by the LTEC and LMS Admin
  • completing in-course check-in assessments as identified in the course

Terms of Reference

  • Badgr - Source for online digital credentials - https://ca.badgr.io/auth/login Badgr login Canada
  • LTEC - Learning Technologies Educational Consultant, University of Windsor
  • LMS Admin - Learning Management System Administrator, University of Windsor
  • CTL - Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Windsor
  • IGNITE - the program for Work Study at the University of Windsor
  • lmssupport - contact email address (lmssupport@uwindsor.ca) for credential inquiries

Presentations about this Student Employee Course Site and Micro-credential Process (2019)

This course site was developed beginning Fall 2018 and its first deployment was Winter 2019. As it is an iterative process, subsequent changes will be made to the site based on the student feedback we receive about its effectiveness.

"CTL-LMS Team Members"
The CTL-LMS Team, May 2019 - Marlene Sebastian, Tim Au-Yeung, Niwit Aryal and Lorie Stolarchuk

The project was presented at:

Presentation Slides and Handout

(Click the image / link to download pdf)

Presentation PPT file
"Presentation PPT file"
Handout PDF file
"Handouts for presentation in pdf format"
BBWorld 2019 Microsession Slide Deck
File:BBWorld19 Microsession.pptx
"BBWorld Presentation Slide Deck in PDF format"

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