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What is Microsoft Stream?

Micrsoft Stream is a video streaming platform from Microsoft and is available to all staff, faculty, and students at the University of Windsor through your Office365 account. At this time, access to videos hosted on Stream is not accessible outside of the University Community. You can use Microsoft Stream to upload, play and share videos you have created and set permissions to control who has access to the videos. You can access Stream by visiting

Microsoft Stream automatically generates closed captions of your video for accessibility. For more information on using Microsoft Stream to caption your videos, refer to the Captioning in Microsoft Stream Article. It is recommended to upload videos to Microsoft Stream and then hosting them in Blackboard by embedding them or sharing the video URL. Large video files in Blackboard can take a long time to load for students, can timeout when trying to access, and take too much file space, therefore, uploading large files is NOT recommended - please see the sharing large files article for other options. For more on incorporating videos in your Blackboard course site, visit our Using Videos in Blackboard article. The article below provides specific instructions for both uploading videos to Stream, and how to embed these videos into your Blackboard course site.

Uploading Video to Microsoft Stream

Before adding a Stream video to Blackboard, a video needs to first be uploaded to Microsoft Stream

  1. Open a web browser and go to Microsoft Stream
  2. Sign in with as your login name (example: and your UWin Account password.
  3. In the top bar, click on Create and then select Upload video from the context menu.
  4. Browse for the video you would like to upload from your computer or Drag-and-drop the video in the area provided. Check supported Video Formats.
  5. While your video uploads, you can add a name, description and select a Thumbnail for your video. Selecting a language from the Video Language menu will enable automatic closed captioning to be generated for your video. Learn more about creating and editing Stream subtitles and captions.
  6. The Permissions setting allows you to choose who can view the video. The video is visible to everyone with a UWindsor account by default. You can change this by unchecking the box next to Allow everyone in your company to view this video. Learn more about setting Stream video permissions.
  7. Once you have made the necessary changes, click Publish.
  8. You can now view the video by selecting My Content and then select Videos

Add Stream Video to Blackboard Content Area

Now we can begin the steps for embedding the video into Blackboard.

  1. In the Videos list, click the three dots on the right of your video and then select Share.
  2. In the Share window, you can choose to copy a link to the video, email out the video, or get code you can use to embed the video. Select the Embed option to get access to the code you can use to embed your video in Blackboard then click the Copy button to copy the embed code to the clipboard.
  3. Sign in to Blackboard and navigate to the course site and content area you would like the video to be added. Click Build Content and create an Item.
  4. In the content editor, click the HTML button on the right side to open the HTML editor.
  5. In the HTML editor, paste your video's embed code then click Update.
  6. Click Submit for the item. Your video will now be embedded in your content area and is viewable by your students.

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