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Assignments are used by instructors to collect documents from you ( such as an essay). To submit an assignment, click on the link for the assignment, most commonly found in the left menu called Assignment. If you are unsure of where to submit your assignment, please contact your instructor.

Assignment Information

  1. This is the due date for the assignment. Anything submitted after this date will be marked late by Blackboard.
  2. This is the total points for the assignment. Your may also view the rubric for the assignment if your instructor has allowed it.
  3. Your submission can be typed directly into a textbox. Please check with your instructor if this is allowed.
  4. Select "Browse My Computer for Copyright Cleared File" and navigate to the file in the pop-up window. Files can be uploaded or Dragged and Dropped (NEW!!!) into the dotted-line box. Check with your instructor about preferred file types.
  5. Comments about your submission can be made here. Note this is not where your assignment goes.
  6. You have the option to either save draft or submit. Save draft will save your submission but will not submit it to your instructor. Ensure you submit before the deadline.


Tests are timed assessments. There are various test configurations, an example is shown below.

Test Instructions

The various instructions include:

The "Timed Test" instruction includes the amount of time until the test is finished.

The "Timer Setting" instruction will demonstrate if the test will save and submit automatically once the time has expired.

The "Force Completion" instruction means that once the time runs out, the test will be submitted.

The "Multiple Attempts" instruction will tell you if the instructor has enabled multiple attempts.

Lastly, the "Due Date" instruction will notify you of the date that the test must be submitted or else it will be deemed late.

You must select the "Begin" button in order to start the test.

Test Tips

  1. Use a wired connection where possible. Wireless connections are often unstable.
  2. Complete the test on a desktop or laptop computer.
  3. Use a supported browser. Google Chrome is the recommended browser, followed by Firefox.
  4. Watch for Blackboard Downtime.
  5. Do not hesitate to report problems. Take screenshots of any errors you encounter. Contact your instructor if you have any issues.
  6. Don't wait until the last minute.
  7. Don't use your browser buttons once you have started (the arrows at the top left of your browser). This will result in you exiting the test.

Test Feedback

Once your instructor has both graded and released the grades to the students, you will be able to view feedback.

  1. Navigate to "My Grades"
  2. Click the test on the blue title of the test.
  3. In the new window, you will see your grade. Click the grade.
  4. You will be brought to a new page, which contains the feedback if the instructor wished to do so.


Surveys are very similar to tests. When beginning a survey, the instructions page appears which is the same as the test page. A few differences are:

  1. In surveys, assigning scores for questions in not included because survey questions are not graded.
  2. There is no rubrics.
  3. Surveys are anonymous by default.

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