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This wiki is populated with content from the Sakai learning environment's help pages and original works by the authors at Brock University and the University of Windsor. Some content was copied from the WebCT wiki which is under the GNU Free Documentation Licence, which may or may not be compatible with the Creative Commons share and share-alike licence, but the content was copied with permission by the original authors as a collaborative project between the University of Windsor and Brock University. The University of Windsor wishes to acknowledge with thanks, the efforts of the staff at CTLET at Brock University who graciously assisted significantly on this project.

This wiki also uses content from Sakai itself. The Sakai Educational Community License is deemed to be compatible with this sites Project:Copyrights which are under the Creative Commons 2.5 Licence

All content is covered under the Creative Commons share and share-alike licence.

Some content has been sourced from other locations and should be marked as such with the Category:Non-Original Content category marker or one of its sub-categories.