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Have you Considered Using one of these Communications Options?

If you wish to communicate with campus users (all, or sub-groups) you may want to use one of the following options for Campus Communications:

  • DailyNews: The DailyNews is a service provided by the Office of Public Affairs and Communications. Story ideas and suggestions may be made to the DailyNews by sending a message to
  • University Calendar of Events: The University Calendar of Events is a service provided by the Office of Public Affairs and Communications. Events may be submitted to the University Calendar by visiting the DailyNews Web site located at All event submissions are reviewed prior to posting.
  • University Social Media Tools: The University has a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube account that publishes events and activities promoting the University. Consider this route to publicize your event or activity. Please contact the Social Media Coordinator, Office of Public Affairs and Communications for more information.
  • University Website: Request a website by submitting a Service Request. More information on the University Website: Publishing and Content Management information article.
    Please note that Public Affairs and Communications reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of material submitted for inclusion in the DailyNews or University Calendar of Events.

Using Blackboard to Communicate

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that can facilitate university-related activities such as academic coursework, research project management, recreational and social club activities, internal and external collaborative projects, and serve as a communication vehicle for groups or sub-groups.

If you think that using the LMS better serves the needs of all or part of the campus community, possible methods to conduct university business and communications include:

  1. Requesting and administering an Organization site,
  2. Requesting and administering an optional Blackboard Module (after suitable training) whereby users can opt-in to add customized modules to many Module pages throughout the system,
  3. Requests for a mandatory Blackboard Module, which would be subject to approvals from multiple parties prior to implementation and require detailed rationale with the initial request,
  4. Substantial customizable uses of the system by system role, including management of sub-groups of courses through Institutional Hierarchy (when it becomes available),
  5. Request a third-party software application integration with Blackboard.

If you would like to request one of the above options, visit the Campus Stakeholder Request for LMS Customization for more details.

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