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Hyperlinks (links) lead a user to another area of the site, files or external websites/files. When incorporating links to other content areas in the site/files or external sources/files, the link text should be descriptive of the destination. When adding a link in the content editor on Blackboard, users are prompted to add a title to link to further clarify the link.

To learn more about using other features of the content editor, please review the following resources from Blackboard: the Work with Text Article, and the Using the Content Editor Video. The images below can be clicked on to examine at a higher resolution.

Adding a Title to a Hyperlink

  1. In the content editor, select the text to be used as a hyperlink.
  2. Select the link button on the toolbar. The link button is located on the second row of buttons and resembles two chains attached.
  3. A pop-up window or new tab should open. In the link path text box, add the destination (web address or file) that you want the hyperlink to lead to.
  4. In the Title text box, add a title that is descriptive of the link and click insert to add the link.

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