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Captioned videos can be used to create verbatim transcripts. Transcripts can be a useful to both for instructors and for students. Transcripts can aid in notetaking as well as reviewing content covered in a video. The process of creating transcript from a video hosted on two common platforms (Microsoft Stream and YouTube)has been documented below.

Creating a Transcript with YouTube Videos

If the YouTube video is captioned (automatically or manually), the transcript will be available.

1. Below the video click on the three dots and select "Open transcript"
2. The transcript window will open on the right side. To remove timings, click on the three dots and select "Toggle timestamps".
3. Click and drag over the text needed, then right click the selected text and select Copy to copy the text to the clipboard.
4. Choose any text editor on your machine, then right click and select Paste to paste the text.

UTS-2.png UTS-1.png UTS-3.png UTS-4.png

Creating a Transcript from a Microsoft Stream Video

If the Stream video is captioned (automatically or manually), the transcript will be available.

1. As an owner of a video in Microsoft Stream, click the Edit button to go to the Update video details screen.
2. In the Options section, next to Captions, click Download file.
3. VTT Cleaner is a web utility that will convert a captions file into plain text. click Choose Files and pick the VTT file(s) you downloaded from Microsoft Stream.
4. The transcript portion of the VTT file(s) selected will be output below. Click the Copy transcript button above the transcript to copy it to the clipboard.
5. Paste the text into any text editor by right clicking and selecting Paste.

Advanced MS Streams Editing Captions Step1.png Advanced MS Streams Editing Captions Step2.png UTS-5.png UTS-8.png UTS-4.png

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