Creating an Assignment

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Creating an Assignment

Assignments are created inside a Content Area. View an 8-minute video on how to create an assignment or see the steps listed below. Click on Assessments-> Assignments to create an assignment.
You will be presented with the following page.

"step one creating an assignment from Content Area"
Figure 1

See Figure 1 for the steps below.
1) Type in a title for the assignment.
2) Type in instructions for the assignment.
3) Files( such as rubrics) can also be uploaded or dragged/dropped into the box as well.

"adding files into file attachment area"
Figure 2

See Figure 2 for the steps below.
4) An optional due date can be set. Assignments submitted after this time will be marked late. It is important to note this will not prevent late submissions.
5) Type in what you will grade this assignment out of. A points possible of 0 may be set for assignments that are not marked.

"Points possible"
Figure 3

See Figure 3 for the steps below.
6) Individual submission-> Single student making a submission
Group Submission-> One member submits on behalf of group.Groups must be setup in advance of using this option. For more information, see our wiki article about groupwork. Portoflio submissions-> Allows students to submit a portfolio. For more information about portfolios, please consult Blackboard's help article about portfolios.
7)This is how many submissions the students will get. You may provide one, multiple, or unlimited. All submissions are kept on record. You also have the capability to ignore or delete attempts. For more information about managing student attempts, please refer to Blackboard's assignment help page.
8) With this option enabled, student names will be hidden from you during grading. The University of Windsor does not recommend this option nor the Delegated Grading option at this time. The names will be released upon all assignments being graded or upon a certain date. For more information, refer to Blackboard's help article about anonymous grading.
9) With this option enabled, you have the ability to have certain grading staff such as GAs/TAs to mark a certain group of students. The instructor will then review the grades before they are shown to the students.

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