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Getting Ready Frequently Asked Questions

What training opportunities are available for instructors?

Self-paced training along with training sessions are hosted by the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Self paced training opportunities can be viewed under the Training Tab of Blackboard. In person training sessions can be found here.

How do I get a course site?

Courses sites for courses listed in SIS with an instructor of record will be automatically produced. Please allow up to 24 hours for this process to happen. If you require a course shell urgently, please submit a ticket here

What browser is recommended for Blackboard?

Mozilla Firefox, available here is the recommended browser for Blackboard Learn. Google Chrome and Safari are also compatible. Blackboard should not be used with Internet Explorer.

How do I add GAs/TAs/Departmental Support to my site?

Instructions on how to add users to your site can be found here

How do I get cross listed sites merged?

If you are teaching a course that is cross listed with another course or one that uses identical material, you can request to have those blackboard sites merged. Submit your request here, stating which courses you would like merged.

Are there videos available on how to use Blackboard?

A video playlist is available here.

How do I make my site available to students?

Your Blackboard site comes unavailable to students by default, which allows you time to build your site and make it ready for students. Once you are ready to launch your site:
1) Under Control Panel-> Customization-> Properties
2)Scroll half way down, until you reach the Set Availability menu
3) Read the copyright notice, then select Yes to open your site.
4) Click submit to finalize the change.
5) The site is now open to students.

For more information about site availability, click here.

How do I hide unneeded courses from my Courses Tab?

By default, Blackboard does not hide your old courses, leading to a disorganized courses tab once a few semesters has passed. To manage what courses are listed in your courses tab, hover over the top of the courses box, clicking on the gear icon. This will bring you to the manage course page, where you can customize what appears for each course, or even hide courses completely. Note this does not delete your membership in the course.

For more information, you may refer here. If you would like to see a video explaining the process, click here

How do i import materials from a previous Blackboard site?

Blackboard makes it easy to export materials from a previous site and re-import it into a new site. For instructions, follow this link.

Is there a start of the semester checklist somewhere?

A start of the semester checklist listing what you need to have to start your semester with blackboard can be found here.

Is there a pdf quick start guide available?

A quick start guide for Blackboard is available and can be found here

How do I get an organization(non-course) site?

A blackboard site not related to a course can be requested via email to lmsadmin@uwindsor.ca, or you can submit a support ticket here. Note, all course sites are automatically created, once it is listed in SIS as an instructor of record.