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Below is a listing of current known issues with Blackboard that have affected or will affect users at the University of Windsor.

TeamDynamix Article Number Blackboard Known Issue Number Reported Date Issue Description Resolved Date
Pending 63812 November 2021 When an group assignment is made unavailable, students are only able to view the most recent submitted attempt. The assignment would need to be made available for students to see any previously submitted attempt. Will Not Fix
Pending 75694 November 2021 If a student completes a tests using multiple tabs, it can result in no questions being saved and "saved question 0 multiple times" appearing in the access logs. Pending
Pending 59994 May 2021 The Test option to show feedback on a specific date in the future does not work. Feedback is shown immediately. Please hide the Grade Center column for the test until the date arrives for the feedback to be shown. Pending
Pending 58011 January 2021 When using group assignments, if a student within the group enters the upload assignment page, and does not click cancel, it will result in all group members seeing a confusion "review submission history" page, and assuming an attempt has already been submitted. The group members can click Continue to resume their attempt. Pending
Pending 60016 October 2020 When using the BB Student app Version 5.8 to perform a test, the questions will not align with the answers, and result in duplicated questions and mis-aligned answer choices. Resolved in version 5.8.1, released Oct 26 2020
Pending 59626 2020 When accessing a pdf file in Chrome, a pop-up box asking for your username and password may appear. The workaround is to download the file directly or use another browser. Will not Fix/Browser Issue
Pending 62848 2020 Files uploaded to the feedback to learner do not have a clickable hyperlink in the grading screen. A clickable link can be found on the View Grade Details screen. Will Not Fix/ Functioning as Designed
Pending 70341 November 2020 Blackboard Collaborate Ultra setting changes done via group set options will not apply. The workaround is to make changes individually in each group. Pending
Pending 61260 November 2020 The run dates for certain course reports are not specific to that course, and represent when they were run in another course. These reports include Course Activity Report, Student Overview for Single Course Report and Single Course User Participation Report. Pending
Pending 59672 November 2020 Multiple Choice answers will appear misaligned with the selection bubbles in an one at a time test. May 2021
Pending 50655 October 2020 When attempting to access/download results for a self and peer assessment, instructors will receive an access denied error. Pending
117747 000052755 September 2020 Due to an issue with the conversion process of the inline grading feature for word documents, certain fonts will be replaced which can lead to unexpected formatting changes such as line breaks and additional pages. Images have also been known to shift around and even overlay upon one and other. The original document can be downloaded to verify format, or the student can submit a pdf submission which preserves formatting of the source document. Pending
Pending 51664 August 2020 If a review status adaptive release rule is set up, an additional membership criteria is added, which makes the content viewable to no one. Workaround is to manually enter "Adaptive Release:Advanced" and remove the undesired rule. May 2021
Pending 52257 June 2020 Students will encounter an "input too large" error if they copy and paste within the text editor during a short answer or essay question when using Chrome. Note this has not been reported for copying and pasting from word. Students can also use a different browser to avoid the potential of this error from occurring May 2021 ( new text editor upgrade)
Pending 34871 July 2020 Test availability dates will be removed if test instructions are edited after deploying a test and setting visibility dates. Pending
49400 Pending February 2020 Multi-page pdfs will not be viewable in Chrome versions 55 and above. The workaround is to right click on the file and download it to your computer, or use a different browser. Will Not Fix
52111 Pending January 2020 Any use of the Youtube Mashup feature will result in a 403 error. While we are waiting for Blackboard to provide a resolution, videos can be embedded into the text editor directly. Pending
Pending 47843 January 2020 Submissions for a group assignment will not receive a receipt, if there was a group member who dropped the course. May 2020 ( Q4 2020)
Pending 25370 January 2020 Students who have dropped the course will still appear in the following reports: Course Activity Overview, Student Overview for Single course, and Content Usage Statistics Report. Any other report will not show dropped students. Pending
Pending 51913 January 2020 Groups that are hidden from students are unable to be assigned to graders when using the delegated grading features in the assignments tool. Pending
Pending 50016 January 2020 Students accessing the discussion board through an unread message link found in the Whats's New Module will receive an error and be unable to access the discussion board. Pending
Pending 51197 November 2019 Highlighting using the annotation tools provided in Blackboard may appear to have spaces, or sometimes carry over into the right-hand margin. Pending
Pending 51881 January 2020 Files that have spaces in their names are unable to be exported by students accessing Blackboard courses through the Blackboard app on an Apple device such as an iPad. This issue will be fixed in Blackboard app version 5.0 and Blackboard Instructor app version 3.0, which are targeted to be released on January 30, 2020.
96089 42150 November 2019 Attachments within the Feedback to Learner textbox for group wikis do not have a valid link and will result in a Not Found message when that link is clicked. Pending
83190 000048526 and 000050730 May 2019 When in Grade Centre using Exempt feature with Categories and a Weighted Total Column, if only one column in a Category and student gets exempted from that column, Grade Centre will insert a zero instead of omitting that assessment. Weighted Total for that student won't reflect the exemption, only the zero value for that assessment. Pending - Future Reference and Future Release - See workarounds in TD article 83190
Pending 46125 December 2018 Announcements made with a course link to a content item that is hidden from students will cause the announcement itself to be hidden from view until the content item is made visible to students. May 3 2019
82473 48878 November 1 2018 Assignments submitted through the mobile app will not be checked against SafeAssign if that option is enabled within the Assignment. Students should be encouraged to submit assignments through the web interface should the assignment be SafeAssign enabled. Pending
Pending 48675 November 1 2018 When students are viewing model answers for a self and peer assessment after the evaluation period has completed will only be able to view the model answer for the first question regardless of which question they are on. The correct model answer does appear during the evaluation period. Pending
82477 48686 September 2018 When attempting to make a course available to the student before the start term date programmed in Blackboard, you will receive an access denied error. The workaround is to wait for the start term date to pass, or to manually override a start date by navigating to Control Panel-> Customization-> Properties-> Set Course Duration Pending