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Creating a Mashup Through Content Area (For Instructors)

  1. Select an existing content area or create a new one and then click on the area within the course menu. For instructions on how to create a content area in Blackboard, please view the Add a Content Area video.
  2. Click on the Build Content option within the navigation bar. Underneath the Mashups heading there are three options: Flickr Photo, SlideShare Presentation and YouTube Video. Select the option best suited according to your requirements. For more information on the search options, please review the Search Options section.
  3. Click on Select next to the media you wish to embed.
  4. On the Create Mashup Item page, adjust any of the available settings if needed. For more information on the display options within the View drop-down menu underneath Mashup Options, please review the Mashup Display Options section of the article.
  5. Click on Submit. The embedded media is now available within the content area.

Search Options

Note: All the media sites listed offer content classified under various license types which are determined by Creative Commons’ policies. For more information, please click on the Creative Commons Licenses link on the search page.

  • Flickr Photo/SlideShare Presentation:
  1. Select Full Text from the Search drop down menu to search all text associated with images/presentations for keywords.
  2. Select Only Tags from the Search drop down menu to search all the tags associated with images/presentations for keywords.
  3. Select Specific Photo/Presentation (URL) from the Search drop down menu to search all the URLs for keywords. A Flickr
image or SlideShare presentation found outside of Blackboard may be located by pasting the URL into the Keywords area.
  • YouTube Video:
  1. Click on the blank next to Search and type in keywords to search for a related video. To find a specific video previously found directly on the YouTube platform, type in the title of the video or paste the URL of the video.

Once a search option has been set up, click on Go to browse the search results.

Build Mashup Content

Mashup Display Options

Media shared through the Mashup tool can be displayed three different ways:

  1. Thumbnail: The mashup is displayed as a small image with a button to launch the content.
  2. Text Link with Player: The link to the mashup is displayed on the page and the user must click on the link to launch it.
  3. Embed: The mashup is displayed directly on the web page.
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