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Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. Students can collaborate in class and connect with classmates, ask the instructor questions, work on homework, and track upcoming work. Access the Office 365 suite of apps available, including Teams and Stream at the Office 365 portal login.

Using Microsoft 365 Groups, Teams and Streams for Courses

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Microsoft 365 Apps (Office 365) are available to all faculty, staff and students and provide powerful collaboration tools that can be used to enhance instruction and facilitate collaboration in your courses. ITS maintains a Knowledge Base article which discusses the relationship between Blackboard courses, Office 365 groups, Microsoft Stream and Microsoft Teams with a focus on how to use these tools for use in your UWindsor course.

Getting Started with Office 365 Teams (SharePoint Groups)

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ITS maintains a Knowledge Base article on Teams with relevant links to specific articles. Current topics linking from the Knowledge Base article include Conversion of Office 365 Groups into Microsoft Teams, Guest access in Microsoft Teams, Installing Microsoft the Teams App, the Microsoft Teams - Team Owner’s Guide, and Using Microsoft Teams for a Student Project or Ad-Hoc Chat.

Blackboard Integration

"Teams tab and Activate button"
Teams tab and Activate button - click on image to expand
We now have an integration with Blackboard so a class list, instructors and support staff for a course site will have an automatic Team created, however, instructors need to activate the Team. To get started, navigate in your MS Teams app to the left "rail" and click on the Teams icon. Once you are ready to add your students to the Team, locate the new Team and click on the "Activate" button which should then connect the students to your Team.

Once you have your team created and populated with your Blackboard class list, it will automatically update the list daily. You can add a weblink to your Blackboard course site to direct your students to their Team. Note, it is recommended that you advise your students to install the Teams application on their computer for best results.

Add a Weblink to Teams into your Blackboard Course Menu

"Find URL for MS Team"
Find URL for MS Team - click image to expand
Once you have your team created, look to the top right corner of the Team for the ". . ."icon (see image- left). Copy the Team URL to your clipboard. Then, visit your Blackboard course site. To add the link to your course menu, follow the steps below:
  1. Add to your course menu
    • Ensure your Edit Mode is ON
    • Click the "+" on the Course Menu
    • Choose Web Link
    • Enter a Name for your Team
    • Paste in the URL
    • Click Available to Users
    • Click Submit to complete

Getting Started with Office 365 Stream

Microsoft Stream logo
ITS maintains a Knowledge Base article on Stream with relevant links to specific articles. New features are being added constantly, so check out the Knowledge Base article. Topics that link out include Publishing and sharing videos in Microsoft Stream, and Recording a PowerPoint Presentation.
 Note - the default setting to enable sharing to the entire institution has been recently changed to avoid unintentionally sharing content to the organization when you might only want to share it with a Channel, Group, or individual. 

Want to book a session with the ITS Team about Microsoft 365?

If you want to learn more about MS Teams, Streams, or IT topics, please navigate to and that link will provide you with services to choose from.]

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