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Mac Users Don't Have Scroll Bars in Blackboard

If you are using Chrome, Safari or Firefox web browsers and are missing the Scrollbars when viewing the Grade Center in Blackboard, there is a quick and easy way to fix this issue. Blackboard is aware of the problem and will be addressing this in a future release, but for now, you will need to change your system preferences. Follow the steps below and click on the thumbnail images to expand:

System Preferences from Apple Menu
Accessing System Preferences from Apple
System Preferences Show Scroll Bars
Show Scroll Bars Option
  • Click on the desktop to get to the Finder menu bar
  • Click on the "Apple" to reveal the Systems Preferences menu option
  • Click System Preferences and then click on General
  • Under the General Preferences, you will need to change the Show Scroll Bars to Always
  • This will allow the horizontal scroll bar to appear in the Grade Center. and make your experience much less frustrating!

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