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How to create an assignment on Blackboard

Creating content area

On the top left side of the screen, there will be a "plus" icon. There, you will need to name the content area as Assignments and make sure to have "Available for Users" checked so that the students can view the assignments posted.

ContentArea.png CreatingContentArea.png

Adding the assignment

Once in the content area, navigate to Assessment which can be found under the title of the content area. Then proceed to click onto the Assignment section in the sub-menu.


Customizing the assignment

The most important thing to do when customizing your assignment is to create a name for it and add specific assignment instructions for students to follow. If you prefer, you can also attach files to the assignment. Another important note is to always make sure a due date is set and that an overall score for the assignment is available. You also must identify whether this assignment will be a group submission or individual. Lastly you can also customize the grade display, if you want it to show as a percentage, score, pass/fail or not show the grade at all.