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How to Add Users to a Course Site in Blackboard

  1. Navigate to your course page and scroll down till you see "Users and Groups" under Course Management.
  2. You can add groups or individually by user.
  3. Click on users and you will see all the users currently enrolled in the course.
  4. To add users to the course, click on "Find Users to Enroll".
  5. You can now enter one username at a time, or multiple when you separate them with a comma.
  6. You can change the role of the user depending on if they're a student or instructor.
  7. When you click submit, that user will now be enrolled in the course.

Roles of Users for Blackboard Courses

Description of User Roles for Course Sites
Roles Role Explanation
Builder Builders manage the course without access to any student grades or evaluation content and can access the course even when not available to students.
Facilitator Functions just as an Instructor. However, they cannot build, edit or manage any course content.
Departmental Support Almost has identical permissions as an instructor.
TA-Grader Assist the Instructor through various things such as creating and grading student's assessments. Also, helps with Grade Center.
Librarian Support Has access to most things except the Customization menu as well as not being able to delete various things that students post.
Instructor Have access to everything regarding that course. Their role is to teach and develop their class.
Removal Request Removes users that either do not belong or are no longer relevant to that course.
Student Default course role and have no access to Control Panel.
Lead Teaching Assistant Similar permissions as Instructor.
Teaching Assistant Has very minimal permissions and is usually only a read-only user.
Teaching Assistant - Announcements Create, edit and reorder announcements with very few Control Panel permissions.
Guest Can only view course materials but cannot partake in tests or assessments.

If there are any more questions regarding course site roles, visit Blackboard User Roles under User Roles in Bb Courses and Organizations for a more in-depth explanation of all these roles.