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Last Approval Date: January 10, 2020

Policy Statement

This policy defines the process and criteria for requesting access to University of Windsor Learning Management (LMS) sites and information in order to meet the operational needs of the unit or institution.


This Policy describes the process and criteria to enable appropriate access to the LMS sites to individuals other than the instructor of record.


This Policy applies to all University faculty and staff.


  1. LMS course site: the location of information accessible by the instructor and students for the purpose of academic delivery of a particular course
  2. Emergency Access: includes incapacitation or death of an instructor

Copyright and Intellectual Property Right

Access to an LMS site does not provide copyright or intellectual property (IP) rights to the person provided access; the content developed by an instructor continues to be protected in accordance with University established copyright and IP policies.


The following procedures shall be followed when access to an LMS site is requested:

  1. An individual shall make a request to access an LMS site directly to the instructor. If an instructor agrees to that request, the instructor shall provide access directly to the requestor or may submit a “Request for access” form through Team Dynamix to the LMS team who shall provide access.
  2. In cases where emergency access is necessary to a single site, the Dean and/or designate of a unit shall submit a “Request for access” form through Team Dynamix to the LMS team who shall provide access. The LMS team shall also provide notification to the instructor by University of Windsor email.
  3. In cases where access to multiple courses is requested for the purpose of course coordination, the Dean and/or designate of a unit shall submit a “Request for access” form through Team Dynamix along with confirmation that instructor(s) have been informed that such access has been requested. The LMS team shall provide access.


Where a request for access has been denied, or an instructor believes that access should not be granted, the following procedures to appeal such request or grant shall be followed:

  1. A complainant shall in the first instance, contact the relevant Dean and/or designate and submit a written rationale for the appeal together with the original notification of access. A Dean may grant access or affirm the original decision.
  2. A further right of appeal lies in the Office of the Provost, who may upon receipt of a written rationale for the appeal along with the original notification of access, either grant or deny the request for access.


  1. An individual requesting access to an LMS site(s) has the responsibility to:
    1. Complete and submit an application for access outlined in the procedures.
    2. Ensure that the scope of use outlined in the application is adhered to and that confidentiality and privacy of members and content is maintained, including respecting the copyright and IP of the content within the site.
    3. Notify the LMS team when access to the LMS site is no longer required.
  2. LMS Steering Committee has the responsibility to:
    1. Regularly review this Policy
    2. Provide feedback and guidance on this Policy
    3. Approve amendments to this Policy
  3. LMS Team has the responsibility to:
    1. Direct inquiries for access to the policy and process
    2. Enable or remove access when no longer required

Review Process for Policy

This Policy will be reviewed at least every once every three (3) years.

Process for Communicating Policy

The Policy shall be posted on the University of Windsor’s Blackboard wiki site and made available through the University of Windsor Central Policies index online.