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There are some restrictions to the size and type of files that can be uploaded to Blackboard. Below, please find some helpful supports that demonstrate how to use the campus supported systems or YouTube to share video files.

Important Notes About Uploading Files to Blackboard

Please refer to the following recommendations when uploading files to Blackboard:

  • The maximum file upload size is 10 MB.
  • File names can have a maximum of 50 characters and should not contain any special characters.
  • Do not upload videos directly to Blackboard. There are alternative methods for sharing videos on Blackboard using Microsoft Stream and YouTube.
  • Do not upload audio files.
  • If an assignment requires a video submission, please instruct students to upload their videos to Microsoft Stream or Youtube and submit a link to the video for the assignment.
  • Compress PowerPoint files and avoid embedded videos.
  • Do not upload software installers.
  • Do not upload large scientific data sets.
  • Avoid uploading high-resolution images.

Alternative File Sharing Methods

Sharing Files

Sharing Videos

Please refer to the Captioning Videos article for instructions on captioning videos for accessibility.

Leddy Library Resources

The library subscribes to several video streaming platforms that are available for off campus use by faculty and students including the Films on Demand Academic Collection and the National Film Board of Canada (visit You can create and manage resource lists of all of our online content and easily integrate it with Blackboard for your students (

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