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Getting Results from a Survey
Getting Results from a Survey
Instructors can only see a checkmark in the Grade Centre column to indicate that an individual has completed a survey, not the specifics of what the individual replied. To see what percentage of the group polled responded to an option, click the Attempts Statistics option from the editing menu (revealed when hovering over the column header and seeing the round grey chevron). Another place to look for data is the Column Statistics option to see the aggregate activity on the survey.

If neither one of these options are sufficient to capture what you are interested in, Todd Grzegorczyk of Northwood University, who is an Academic Management System Developer provides some coding to use with the Download Results option. The downloaded file is a spreadsheet full of HTML code (used to display in Blackboard). This process may be a little tricky for some, but with practice, may yield better use of the results.

“When using the Download Results option in the Grade Center it will download all information held in field, including the HTML code. This code is the same as what is needed to display results in a browser window, but the browser actually implements the HTML code, which is transparent to the user. If we really need to clean it up we normally use the replace function in Excel and do a replace < * >.

Hopefully, that will give you a cleaner, more usable version of the data available to use from Excel, not from Blackboard. Unfortunately, Blackboard's Survey tool does not provide rich reporting options that you may find in another survey tool such as FluidSurveys, but it may get you some basic results to work with.

More on using the Survey tool from Blackboard's help article.

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