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Getting Started in Teams - For Students

Microsoft Teams is a free collaboration app the University of Windsor uses for chat, collaboration, virtual meetings, and video conferencing. It is part of the Microsoft 365 suite. Some professors may be more familiar with Teams than Blackboard’s Virtual Classroom, Collaborate, and prefer to use it to facilitate their classes and lectures.

If you don’t already have MS Teams installed on your computer, use your school account to download the Teams app prior to your meeting or class time or use the browser version of Teams. (IT Services has information about adding Microsoft 365 apps, including Teams)

Join a Class Meeting

An instructor may ask you to join a class session / meeting in one of two ways:

  1. The instructor sends you a meeting invitation with a link to the Teams meeting.
    1. Meeting invitations will be emailed to you and you can accept the meeting to ensure it is entered into your calendar.
    2. To join the meeting on the day of the class, click the link provided in the invitation email
      link to meeting invitation
      or, if you have accepted the invitation, go to the scheduled meeting in your Outlook or Teams calendar (both will have the meeting) and click the link provided in the meeting description to join your class. If you do not see the Calendar in the side App Bar of your Teams, click on the 3 dots on the App Bar, right-mouse click on the Calendar, and select Pin. Your calendar will be pinned to your App Bar and will remain there until you unpin it.
      "access Teams Calendar
  2. The instructor started a class meeting in the course team without creating a meeting invitation.
    1. Open MS Teams, click the Teams option in the App Bar to view your teams and select the class you wish to join. (All students are automatically added to their course team when the instructor activates it, so if you don’t see your course team, your instructor has not activated it.)
      "access course Team
    2. Once inside the course team, hover over Teams and a team section menu will fly-out to enable you to see Channels. Find and select the channel in which classes are to be held. In the conversation area, there will be a notification that a meeting is there for you to join.
      "access class meeting in progress

If you don’t see this notification in one of the channels, the instructor hasn’t started the class yet.

Other Resources for Students

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The MS Teams Interface

"image of the MS Teams interface with labels"

Amber icons 029 checkmark.png

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