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Blackboard Help: Introduction

Welcome to our help page! Below you'll find some helpful information regarding blackboard.
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Instructor FAQs

FAQs-Grade Centre
FAQs-Getting Ready

Links with this icon File:UWlogo.jpg will visit local UWindsor Pages.
Links with this icon 30px will visit Blackboard Help.

Communicate and Collaborate


The following are links to helpful articles and best practices regarding some of the useful tools available in Blackboard. (Bb 35px links directly to Blackboard’s online help articles, and UW 75px link to local procedures or tools). Listed below are the top 2 articles, but further articles are available from the “More Tools” link.

More Tools....


Grading and Assessment


The following will guide you through creating and marking assignments within Blackboard.
Top 2

More assignment help....

Tests & Surveys

The following are some helpful links regarding creating and grading tests done within Blackboard.
Top 2

More Help...

Grade Centre

The following are some helpful links regarding the use of the Blackboard grade Centre. Links with this icon 30pxrefer directly to Blackboard's Online help articles, and links with this icon 75px refer to local procedures to tools. Further articles are available by clicking More Help.
Top 2

More Articles...

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