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"Find Transfer Final Grades Tool"

If you use Blackboard’s Grade Centre to track, calculate, and display your grades to your students, you can use the Transfer Final Grades tool, developed specifically for the University of Windsor, to send the final grades to UWinsite Student. UWinsite Student is the application where official student grades are maintained.

Transfer Final Grades Tool

Transfer Final Grades Video

To see a short video (6:54) on how this tool works, click the Transfer Final Grades to UWinsite Student link.

Getting Started with the Transfer Final Grades Tool

To transfer grades from Blackboard to UWinsite Student, you can begin by:

  • Navigating to the Transfer Final Grades tool in your Blackboard site's Control Panel under Course Tools.
  • Once you have selected the tool, you will see a drop-down list containing eligible course(s) to transfer. Ensure you have selected the correct course. (Note, please ensure you read through all of the steps, especially the Important Next Steps section).

Selecting a Column to Transfer

  • Next, you will choose the correct column which contains your final grades. You need to be careful to select the correct column, especially if you have prepared a number of columns for various calculations. (Final grades will be scaled to a grade out of 100 in all cases.)
    "Select Column for Transfer"
    Select Column for Transfer (click image to expand)
"Low-Value Column Warning"
Small number of points in column warning
  • If you have selected a column with a low maximum value (under 50 points), you will be prompted with a message. This is to ensure that you have selected the correct column as the University of Windsor has a 100-point scale grading system, and values below that may result in an incorrect value being transferred as a final grade.(see image to right).

Merged Sites

A Blackboard site can be "merged" so that there are multiple course sections in it. When it comes time to transfer grades to UWinsite Student from Blackboard, the first thing the user must do is to select the course section that they want to transfer grades for. Once they select the section, Blackboard will only transfer grades for the students in that section, and not for all the students in the Blackboard site.

For a site with several sections, instructors would repeat the grade-transfer process, once for each section. If Lab sections are also associated with the site (by way of a previous separate service request), then instructors also could transfer their Lab grades from Blackboard as above.

The transfer process in Blackboard can only be completed by the primary instructor for the section (as indicated in UWinsite Student). In unusual cases, multiple instructors might share a single merged site, and won't each be "primary" on each other's sections. In this case, each instructor would have to transfer their sections' grades from the Blackboard site into UWinsite Student.

Using the Pass or Fail Option

  • Blackboard Grade Centre operates on a numeric value for all column calculations (not symbolic), therefore, if your course uses a Pass / Fail schema, you may select a value to represent the pass/fail threshold point. For example, if your course requires 80% to pass, then that will be the numeric value selected and entered into the "Minimum Value for a Pass in this course field". In this example, if students are below 80, then they will receive an F (fail) value.

If you have made an error, you can select the Reset to Numeric Grades button to reset the grades. Alternatively, you may also override each grade individually with the drop-down options beside the grade cell, setting each to Pass (P) or Fail (NP).

Using the Grade Override Option

"Grade Override Option Codes"
Grade Override Option Codes (click image to expand)

Other non-grade values can be selected from the drop-down list beside the student's grade field (see image right). Code Options Include:

    • IN - Incomplete
    • IP - In Progress
    • NR - No Report
    • P - Pass
    • NP - Non Pass
    • S - Satisfactory
    • U - Unsatisfactory

Completing the Transfer

Ensure that you review and override grades before completing the submission.

  • When you are sure the grades are correct and ready to transfer, click the Transfer final grades to UWinsite Student button.
  • Review the results of your grade submission, and follow any instructions/warnings displayed.

Important Next Steps

At this point, the grades HAVE NOT BEEN SUBMITTED YET to your Head or Dean. Once you have transferred the grades, you must still log into UWinsite Student to finish submitting your grades. This instruction appears as a button on the successful submission page. Clicking that button will take you to the login page for UWinsite Student. Please log into UWinsite Student, to review your grades that have been transferred.

Once in UWinsite Student (login at you may notice if you have been a student at UWindsor previously, that you will see your own student information. To get past that, click the Student Homepage dropdown to reveal Campus Solutions Administrator (see image 1 - left)

"1 - Campus Solutions Administrator drop down"
1 - Click image to expand to see Campus Solutions Administrator option

From there, select the Faculty Center tile (see image 2 - left).

"2 - Faculty Center Tile"
2 - Click image to expand to see Faculty Center Tile

When in the Faculty Tile, you will observe a menu with Class Roster, Grade Roster, Class Permissions, etc. Click the Grade Roster (see image 3 - left).

"3 - Grade Roster on Menu"
3 - Click image to expand to see Grade Roster screen

If you have selected the wrong class, you can use the "Change Class" button to select a different one (see image 3b left). Note, you will be returned to the Faculty Center where you can make a new class selection.

"3b - Grade Roster options"
3b - Click image to expand to see Grade Roster Options screen

Once all of your grades are what you wish to submit, navigate to the Roster Approval Status menu, and select the Ready for Review option (Step 4 on the image 3) from the drop-down. Click Save. If any grades are missing, the Ready for Review status will turn red and a pop-up will indicate that you are missing values. You must include all grades for approval prior to selecting Ready for Review. Enter any approval notes, and click OK to finish.

Should you experience any difficulties or errors in this part of the process, please file a Service Request ticket for UWinsite Student technical support at

Interpreting Success or Warnings Messages

There are 3 types of results you may encounter:

  • All grades transferred (the successful outcome)
  • All grades transferred, but with warnings (e.g., you submitted grades for an audit student)
  • No grades transferred (error; and the error message from UWinsite Student will be displayed)- In some cases, you may be able to fix the issue, but in most cases, it will require you to call the ITS Service Desk at ext. 4440 or by opening a ticket at for further support.

Other possible reasons for errors include:

  • The grading window to submit grades has not begun yet, so you will need to wait until it becomes available
  • You have already submitted grades to the Dean or Department Head, so you may be getting an error as the system won't accept new grades once they have been submitted.

Alternatives to the Transfer Final Grades Tool

"UWinsite Student Faculty Center, My Schedule"
UWinsite Student Faculty Center, My Schedule (click image to expand)

In the UWinsite Student application, Faculty Centre, tile there is an option to upload or enter grades, (outside of Blackboard). While in the Faculty Centre tile, navigate to My Schedule (see image UWinsite Student Faculty Center, My Schedule left, click to expand).

Grades can be uploaded via an MS Excel (.csv) file upload, or directly into the Grade Roster. Just click on the Grade Roster link beside the class and enter the information either directly into the roster or through the Upload Grades link.

Specific Topics and Timestamps Within UWinsite Student Videos

There are multiple videos created to help walk faculty through submitting grades. Please find them linked below. You can also find them in the faculty resources section on

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