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Your UWin account is your personal digital identification for accessing a number of on-line services at the University of Windsor, including Blackboard. A UWin Account is required of everyone associated with the University of Windsor who plans on using on-line administrative programs and computing services. For example, in the account myname@uwindsor.ca the "myname" segment represents the UWin Account, except for some staff accounts which have a format such as "John.Doe@uwindsor.ca". In those cases, it is best to refer to your original documentation received when you activated your account for locating your UWin ID. With the UWin account, all systems that use this account will use the same password. When you change your UWin account password, it will be reflected on all systems. One item you should be aware of is that the change of the password is immediate on some systems but may take up to 30 minutes to propagate to other systems.

Student and Instructors need to have a valid and activated UWin Account (or ID) in order to access Blackboard.

To activate your account, reset your password or other functions associated with accounts, please visit http://www.uwindsor.ca/uwinid. If you have any difficulties with this account, please contact Service Desk at ext. 4440.

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