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How to Find Recordings in Blackboard

Locating Recordings

You can view recordings in courses you are enrolled in. You may be able to download recordings. However, professors must allow session recording downloads for each session.

Steps to locate recordings:

  1. Go to Collaborate, then
  2. Open the Menu (On the left side of the screen), next
  3. Select Recordings or View all recordings.
  4. Select a filter in "Filter by", then
  5. Select Recording in a Range, then
  6. Set Range for desired timeline

Note, that it is suggested to pick "Recording in a Range", and set the range from the beginning of the term to most recent. Therefore, you'll be able to view all the recording made during that time period.

Filter and search for recordings

You can filter the list of recordings that appear by all recent recordings made in the last 30 days and recordings in a date range. Use the filter to help you find the recording you are looking for. If you know the name of the recording you are looking for, select Search Recordings and type the recording name.

Additional Resources

Text Editor


This page offers a series of upgrades and changes to Blackboard using the New Text Editor upgrade.

What is the new Text Editor

The new Text editor is Blackboard’s newest tool to add text to your course while protecting against loss of work if an internet connection loss or software error occurs. The new Test Editor will help the ease of reformatting text in announcements, items, assignments, tests, discussions, blogs, and journals. Visit ( for the full list of the tools and features the new text editor offers.

Note: It is recommended to use browsers supported by Blackboard. A full list of supported browsers can be found at (