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New Text Editor

What is the new Text Editor

In the recent Blackboard upgrade, the text editor was given a new look and enhanced capabilities. Visit Blackboards Work with Text Instructional Webpage for the complete list of the new Text Editor's tools and features. Exploring The New Text Editor[NOT PUBLISHED YET - under review] video provides a comparison of the original Text Editor and the new Text Editor.

Note: It is recommended to use browsers supported by Blackboard. A full list of supported browsers can be found at Blackboards Browser Support Informational Webpage

Text Editor

Locating the new Text Editor

Text Editor

The text editor is available whenever you add a text to Blackboard contents such as in assignments, announcements, tests, discussions, blogs, and journals.

New Features in Text Editor Overview

Feature Considerations Best Approach
Copy and Paste In the original editor, there is no option to retain the original formatting when copy/pasting text. This option is now available in the new text editor. To remove or keep the formatting after you paste the text in the editor, select all the text and select the Remove Formatting icon from the menu.
Remove text in Text Editor

Only use this option if you understand that all formatting will be removed. All bullets, numbered lists, indentations, line spacing, centered text, and font formatting and sizing will be removed.

Paste Formatting Options window
Auto-Embedding The new text editor supports auto-embedding when pasting links from supported websites. The icon is illustrated as a clipboard icon. To access, simply paste the link into the text box by clicking the Auto-Embedding Icon or enter. The editor will automatically link the content.

​ ​

Auto-Embed Icon in Text Editor
Work with lists In the new text editor, bullets and number lists options are presented graphically instead of textually, which makes selecting the appropriate option easier. To access, click on the Bullet and Number lists Icon to display a drop-down of all available listing options.
Bullet point Icon and Number point Icon in Text Editor

Number List options available:

  • Default: Numerals
  • Alphabetic
  • Roman numerals
  • Greek symbols

Bullet List options available:

  • Filled circle
  • Open circle
  • Square
Bullet point Icon with drop down list and Number point Icon with drop down list
Spell check In the editor, Spell Checker will locate every potentially misspelled word or any word that has not been found in the loaded dictionary, suggested with a red underline. A new window will be produced to illustrate a set of alternative words to be used, and the options to ignore, ignore all and close the Spell Checker window are available as well. If there are no words are located, the Spell Checker will show the message "No misspellings found". Spelling is not automatically checked, it must be activated manually to use. To access, select the Spell Check icon. Text does not need to be highlight to activate. You can change the language's dictionary from the menu. Institutions and instructors can disable spell check.
Spell check icon in Text Editor
Spell check language menu in Text Editor
Emoticon Menu The Emoticon Menu in the new text editor is expandable, categorized, and searchable. The library search is limited to English. To access, click the Emoticon Icon to select a wide variation of emoticons.
Emoticon icon in Text Editor
Emoticon Menu in Text Editor
Insert Tables The Tables icon has all the same functions from the original text editor when inserting tables, however, retrieving tables was updated. Instead of the pop up window, a drop down menu appears to ease navigation and definition of table properties. To access, select the Tables icon. A drop down menu will appear to insert choice of tables.
Insert Tables icon in Text Editor
Insert or Edit Sample Code The Insert or Edit Sample Code is a tool that allows code snippets to be displayed and properly formatted. According to the programming language selected, it will colour code the script. To access, click the Insert or Edit Sample Code icon. A large window will pop up to select the programming language of choice, then write or copy in code and save.
Insert or Edit Sample Code icon in Text Editor
Add Content In the new text editor, embedding content has been upgraded to allow a wider selection of third-party supported platforms such as Yuja. The add content tool symbolizes as a plus sign icon (+) to insert any form of content from Common Tools to Additional Tools in the upgraded Editor. To access, select the plus sign icon (+). A window will pop up to select a variety of options when embedding content.
Add Content icon in Text Editor
Add Content window in Text Editor
Accessibility checker The accessibility checker is a new feature. It scans current text in the text editor for various WCAG & Section 508 accessibility problems. Accessibility checker icon must be clicked in order to initiate the review. A window will pop up for the results.
Accessibility Checker icon in Text Editor

If error(s) are found. The window will indicate how many issues there are, and options to ignore or repair error(s).

Repair Accessibility Checker icon in Text Editor

Examples of WCAG & Section 508 accessibility issues

  • Proper use of headings. Instead of bolding text.
  • Headings in sequential order
  • Adjacent links
  • Ordered list structure
  • Unordered list structure
  • Contrast ratio of the text
  • Alternative text for images
  • Alternative text is not the same as the filename
  • Table caption
  • Complex table summary
  • Table caption and summary
  • Table markup
  • Table headers
  • Table heading scope
  • Unique IDs

New Visual Features in Text Editor Overview

Feature Considerations Best Approach
Expand Text Editor Expanding the text editor to show all available icons and menus is now depicted as an ellipsis (three dots) compared to the original’s drop-down icon. To view the whole text editor, click the ellipsis (three dots) at the end of the text bar. To reduce the text bar back to one bar, click the ellipsis (three dots).
Ellipsis in Text Editor
Descriptive Icons The new text editor, showcases descriptive and visual icons for users. The icons to format text are visually clear to Bold, Italicize, Underline and Strikethrough text. To format text, select the Formatting Icons.
Formatting text Icons in Text Editor
Math Editor The Math Editor is the Square Root Icon to format math symbols and/or equations. To access, click on the Math Editor Icon. A window will pop up to type in any numerical response to be formatted.
Math Editor Icon in Text Editor
Math Editor window
Special Characters The Capital Omega Icon is the special characters function with various symbols and characters such as currency, text, quotations, mathematics, Latin, and arrows. To access, click on the Capital Omega Icon to select special characters. A window will pop up to select special characters.
Special Characters Icon in Text Editor
Special Characters window
Bookmark Icon The Bookmark Icon is the anchor function to insert a bookmark. To access, select the Bookmark Icon to indicate an anchor such as bookmark in the text.
Anchor in Text Editor
Source Code The Source Code tool shows your text and formatting in an HTML view. This tool functions the same as the original editor’s HTML Code View icon To access, select the Source Code Icon. A window will appear illustrating translated text into source code.
Source Code icon in Text Editor