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YuJa Enterprise Video Platform


Yuja is a powerful set of online tools to complement and enhance the campus’ ability to store, stream, create, edit, and embed videos in Blackboard courses and on websites. Yuja also integrates with Learn. For example, with Yuja’s automated captioning feature, instructors can easily convert downloaded [Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings into accessible versions] and then you can delete the non-captioned recordings to reduce storage in Blackboard. Yuja allows users to make videos into interactive quizzes for more engaging learning. The students’ quiz results for low stakes assessments can be directly connected to Blackboard’s Grade Centre. Students can also search for keywords inside videos to save time and focus their studying efforts or take notes at key points during the video that they can download later. The University of Windsor has licensed for all campus users as of May 2021. View this short video for an overview of YuJa's feature set

YuJa Features

Below are some of the features that the YuJa enterprise video platform offers to help enhance teaching and learning at UWindsor.

  • Content creators can build videos either online or from a desktop application.
  • The desktop application allows for multiple input sources including cameras, microphones and audio sources, and screens.
  • The web application allows for simple and easy video recording.
  • There is a web editor for videos that feature ways to trim the video at the beginning or the end, cut out parts of the video, add slides or images, add text overlays and other annotation features.
  • There is a mobile app that when connected to your online account, easily records video then uploads to your account for online editing or sharing.
  • Videos are auto-captioned increasing the accessibility of the content for all users.  Authors still need to review captions for accuracy but can edit captions in the web interface.
  • Users can make notes for download when viewing the video.
  • Videos can be published to one or more channels, shared to individuals with different levels of access, embedded into Blackboard or shared externally with a public link.
  • There will be Software Capture software enabled on classroom consoles so instructors can record their class and then access the video to edit or share once they leave class.
  • Instructors can create quizzes in YuJa to be able to share with their classes and use for grades with an accompanying Grade Centre column.
  • Instructors can easily create recordings of their PowerPoint presentations and if interested, can use a webcam that shows the instructor sharing content simultaneously with the content on the screen.  Multiple input sources allow for multiple tracks of content that can be edited as desired.

More information and tips about YuJa are found on the Office of Open Learning's webpage for YuJa.  

YuJa for Instructors

  • "Adding a quiz or media from Add Content"
    Adding a Quiz or Adding Media in Content Area
    Adding a video to your course site from within a Content Area, select Build Content -> choose YuJa Media Chooser or YuJa Gradable from the Mashups section and select your previously uploaded to YuJa material or Browse to add content directly
  • Creating and adding a video-quiz to your Blackboard site with a partner Grade Centre column for results, select Build Content ->choose YuJa Gradable, then configure your settings with the Edit menu.
    • Note: Quizzes have to be prepared in YuJa before they are available to choose within Blackboard
"Add YuJa to course site through menu
Instructors can add access to the YuJa tool and associated materials to their Blackboard site by:
  • Adding YuJa to the course menu

Note: (this will provide the user clicking the link with direct access to their own YuJa account, not a course site channel)

    • Click the "+" in the top left corner of site, then select Tool Link -> Give it a title such as "YuJa" and select "YuJa Media" from the drop-down list. Make sure the menu item has been made available to users (unless instructors wish to only have a shortcut link to their own account and not share access to YuJa to the rest of the class). Click Submit to complete.
  • Share a link directly to a specific video or another file from YuJa using a Web Link from the menu or within a Content Area or utilize your course's channel to publish and distribute videos

YuJa has many useful features for instructors including:

  • Software Capture for PC's and for Apple to begin recording from your desktop, podium or laptop computer. Software Capture has up to 6 simultaneous recording sources from a user's video, audio, and screen (e.g. screencasting) sources.
  • Online video editor with tools such as trim, insert an image, insert uploaded media, text annotation, delete segment and more
  • Share your content multiple ways such as within channels (such as a course site) or with individual users or beyond using a common link

YuJa for Students

  • YuJa is available for students to use from either their desktop, laptop, or mobile app. Students can view videos instructors have prepared for them, either from direct links or from course channels where instructors have enabled access.
  • Students can create videos using the YuJa Software Capture application downloaded to their PC or Apple or by using the record option on their mobile app
  • Students can easily share videos they have created by sharing the link to the video in their Blackboard course site or by pasting the link where needed e.g. for an Assignment, Discussion or test question where there is a text field to paste in content.


If you need support for a YuJa question, visit HTTP://support.yuja.com.  Hours for live support are 9 AM to 9 PM.  There are also 24/7 submit tickets or online self-help options for YuJa.  If you have a local question that you are having difficulty with, e.g. a UWindsor login issue, or a Blackboard integration issue, submit a Service Request and indicate YuJa in the description.  Instructors can request pedagogical support at ooltech@uwindsor.ca for ways to integrate videos into courses and assessments. View more information about YuJa at UWindsor at the Office of Open Learning's YuJa web page.

Known Issues

Known issues with YuJa at UWindsor are tracked within ITS TeamDynamix Knowledge base article 131935.

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