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Adding Extra Credit Column to Grade Centre

How To Video

Please visit this video from University of Oregon, which details three methods on adding an extra credit to your course. More detail and step-by-step instructions at [1]. (Creative Commons License with Attribution).

Setting up the Grade Centre

To create and include extra credit columns in students’ final scores, follow these steps:

  1. Create a column for Extra Credit by clicking Create Column
  2. Give a Name to the Column; entering a Grade Centre Display Name and Description for the column is optional.
  3. Choose a Primary Display. Choosing a Secondary Display is optional and will only show to the Instructor.
    • Note: Score is most commonly used for the Primary Display for extra credit.
  4. Do not choose a category for Extra Credit; choose No Category from the drop down - menu if it is not already selected.
  5. Assign the Extra Credit a point value of 0 by entering 0 for Points Possible.
  6. (Optional) Assign a Due Date to the Extra Credit.
  7. Select Yes to Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations. Choose whether you want to Show this Column to Students or Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades.
  8. Click Submit to create the Extra Credit column.

Option 1 - Formatting a Total Column to Recognize the Extra Credit

  • (Note - performing this step, will assign the bonus column into the total number of points available for the entire course, and if you choose a Total column to export to eGrade, the maximum value will be out of 100 only).

Next, you should go to the full Grade Centre page to edit the Total column. Add Extra Credit column to Total

  1. On the Grade Centre page, click the action link in the Total column. You will see a drop - down menu.
  2. Select Edit Column Information from the drop - down menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Select Columns area.
  4. In the section titled Include in Total,choose Selected Columns and Categories
  5. Choose which columns and/or categories to include in the Total Points column. To include Extra Credit, select the title you chose for the Extra Credit column and move it to the section titled Selected Columns by click the centre arrow.
  6. Scroll down and click Submit.
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Option 2 - Including a Bonus Mark with a Weighted Total (Using Categories) column

  • (Note - this would enable a Weighted Total Column using a combination of Categories and Columns to be combined with a Bonus Score into a Calculated Total column, which can then be chosen to be transferred to eGrade)
  1. In the Full Grade Centre set up your Weighted Total column to reflect your grading schema (without the bonus mark). This value needs to be out of 100% as the column needs to total to this value to be correct
  2. Click Create Calculated Column - click Total Column
  3. Fill in the fields for the Total Column, and choose a title something like Total Plus Bonus
  4. Enter a description so your students will know this is the column which includes the bonus mark
  5. Choose Primary Display as Percentage
  6. Scroll down to the Select Columns area
  7. Under Columns to Select, choose Weighted Total and Bonus Mark and click the arrow to move those two columns over to the Selected Columns area (see image below)
  8. Ensure the Calculate as running total is selected to "No" to make sure null values are treated as zeros
  9. Click Yes for Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations
  10. Decide the options you wish to display such as Show this Column to Students (select Yes when you are ready to show them, or No if you don't wish students to see the column yet), or Show Statistics Yes or No
  11. Click Submit to save

Weighted Total Plus Bonus

Finalizing Grades for eGrade

Once the Bonus Column option from above has been set up properly (double check your values in your Grade Centre to ensure it reflects the values you wish), then you are ready to transfer to eGrade. To do so, go to the course's Control Panel -> Course Tools -> Export to eGrade -> Choose this column (your title of Total Plus Bonus) which should now appear in the columns displayed. Once selected (radio button above the column), and you will see the column appear with a blue background. Review the Grades and override where needed by using the drop-down options beside the student's grade cell.

Click Submit to begin the transfer to eGrade. Choose the appropriate course, and ensure your values are correct, and whether you wish this to be the first draft to be submitted or if an existing draft exists, it will override existing grades submitted prior.

Please note: grades transferred from Blackboard to eGrade are in Draft mode only. You will still need to log into eGrade to complete the process so it will be transferred to the Dean or Department head for approval.