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== '''Manage Sites and Sections''' ==
== '''Manage Sites and Sections''' ==
<span style="color:red">Please note:  This tool is still under construction.(updated May 15, 2015)
<span style="color:red">Please note:  This tool is still under construction.(updated May 15, 2015)
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[[Category:Bb Manage Sites and Sections Tool]]
[[Category:Bb Manage Sites and Sections Tool]]
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Manage Sites and Sections

Please note: This tool is still under construction.(updated May 15, 2015)

This is an advanced tool, so please be careful to implement changes after you have become familiar with instructions below. For most cases, you will never have to merge sites or associate students from one site to another.

Manage Sites and Sections tool interface
Manage Sites and Sections tool interface


Student associations with Blackboard sites will occur through the Student Information System (SIS) for those instructors with the Instructor of Record status (in the SIS). An automatic site creation process will trigger the creation of new sites based on this association. It consistently updates approximately every hour, therefore, the site association will be dynamically updated without the need for any manual changes. This tool provides functionality to deal with the cases where this automation doesn’t work effectively. The Instructor of record will always gets a site in the automation process, unless they already have an existing site (see Early Bird section below). If you co-teach a site, then information about the site will be available to you, but you won’t be able to add an SIS section that site, unless you are listed as the Instructor of Record for that SIS section. Instructors can associate their students’ access to any Blackboard course that they have. Instructor permissions in to customize the automation process. This tool shows instructors those courses, and the associations between sites.

Note - Lab sites will not be created in advance with the automation process.

The Manage Sites and Sections tool can:

  • associate SIS class lists (based on role and courses you are teaching) with sites,
  • create additional sections (e.g. one information site that all instructors share, could require break out sites for individual instructors under that course code)
  • merge sections into a site (e.g. cluster sites all First Year Science students)
  • provide you with an overview of your current sites, and sections associated with the sites
  • provide you with the ability to remove access for a section from a main site
  • move sections from one site to another
  • remove students from an incorrectly named or associated site (e.g. made a mistake creating a site, and should have been in another site), and
  • transfer students from one section from one site, and add to another site.



A Site is a Blackboard Course where the students will complete their work in for a given course they are registered in for a given semester.


A section is the SIS section number for a course being taught in a given term, which has a course code associated e.g. 01-22-101-01 W2015 and for which students register in via the SIS.


By logging into Blackboard, you will already have an association in the tool by role, as your UWin ID is associated with courses, and permissions for use in Blackboard. In this tool, instructors can use the site request option to create sites in advance, create new sections, merge sections into an existing site, or delete sections.

1. Finding the tool

  1. Click Course Tools on left menu
  2. Select the Manage Sites and Sections tool

2. Request a new site

  1. Click the Request a new site button
  2. Provide information in fields provided (course code, section, term (optional),
  3. Will populate list into the correct node and hierarchy based on user role
    1. Allows Early Bird initiation sites in advance and for those cases that are not a standard setup (e.g. Node Administrators who create sites, instructors want sites in advance of automation process). See Early Bird section below.
  4. Enter Course Id, Site Title, and other details as needed (e.g. other instructors, semester if applicable)
  5. Click Save Changes

3. Add a new section

  1. Click Add a new section link which appears under each site
  2. Enter Course number and Section number and then a site can be generated.
  3. Click Save Changes

Note: you cannot add a new section to a site unless you are listed as an Instructor of Record for SIS.

Merging Sections into a Site

  1. To merge 1 or more sections into an existing course, click Add a new section, under the list of sections already associated with that course
  2. Select the checkbox beside the section that appears wish you wish to add to the course
  3. Click Save Changes to complete the task

Note: if instructors have more than one section that needs to be created at a time, multiple sections can be created through this tool.

4. Remove Sections from a Site

When the need no longer exists for a section that has been created, instructors can remove it using this tool.

  1. Click the X beside the section
  2. Click Save Changes.

5. Administrator actions

  1. This button will appear for those given Administrator Access, such as a Node Administrators or System Administrator
  2. Lists may be filterable by roles

Early Bird Sites

If sites are created in advance, then the automatic processing will update the site and associate the correct students registered in advance through the SIS, e.g. 03-60-100-02. If a situation occurs, such as a department changing an instructor, this tool can correct any associations that need to manually be changed. See 2 - Request a new site section above.

For more customized information, please contact the System Administrator at lmsadmin@uwindsor.ca

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