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[[Category:Bb Organizations]]
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[[Category:Bb Instructors]]
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How to request Organization sites (Non-Course Sites)

A request for a non-course site (or Organization Site), must be related to the business of the University of Windsor, and must be made by a member of the University of Windsor. A reasonable use for the site must be identified, and a length of time for the life of the site should be included.

  • Login to http://www.uwindsor.ca/bbhelp using your UWin ID and password -
  • In the Description field provide the following information:
    • site name,
    • site description,
    • site lifetime (1 semester, 1 year, indefinitely), and
    • site functionality (what you want to be able to do in the site).

Participants must be added manually to an Organization Site. Non-University of Windsor participants can also be added, but they need to have a Friend Account - (scroll down the page to see information on the UWinid Account page by ITS) sponsored by a University staff or faculty member. Participants can be added manually by the instructor or by the LMS Administrator if a list is provided in advance. Participants in a non-course site will be expected to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy. Sites will be periodically reviewed, and if there is no activity in the site for at least a year, they will be unpublished, but the Organizer and Co-organizer will still have access to them. If conditions change and the site is required to become active again, contact the LMS Administrator at lmsadmin@uwindsor.ca for support.

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