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Instructor's Guide

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Control Panel is found in the lower left part of your screen when you are logged in as an instructor.
Control Panel

Add Course Staff (Instructor, GA/TA)

  • Control Panel -> Users and Groups
  • Users -> Find User to Enrol
  • Enter UWin ID (don’t include in Username field
  • Select Role, Availability - Yes,
  • Submit

Add Course Announcement

  • Go to Course Menu
  • Announcements -> Create Announcements
  • Enter Subject and Message
  • To send as an Email instantly -> Not Date Restricted -> Send copy of this announcement immediately
  • Submit

Add a Tool

  • Top left of Course Menu, click “+
  • Tool Link -> enter Name e.g. Discussion Board
  • Choose a Type from drop down list e.g. Discussion Board
  • Check Available to Users
  • Submit

Make my Course Available

  • Control Panel -> Customization -> Properties
  • Scroll down to Set Availability
  • Select Yes
  • Submit

View a Class List

Grade Center - Class List

  • Control Panel -> Grade Center
  • Full Grade Center -> Work Offline
  • Download
  • Select User Information Only
  • Submit
  • Download

Send Email To Students

  • Control Panel -> Course tools
  • Send Email
  • Select All Student Users, All Users, Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Groups or Individuals
  • Select the Recipients of your Email (depending on your selection above)
  • Enter a Subject and Message.
  • Attach files (if needed)
  • Submit

Add a Course Syllabus

  • Course Menu -> Content Area called Syllabus
  • Build Content -> Item
  • Enter Name and Text that describes the file
  • Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection to attach a file
  • A small window will open -> select file
  • Chose Availability, Date and Time restrictions (optional)
  • Submit

Give Student Grades

Add a Grade Center Item

  • Control Panel -> Grade Center -> Full Grade Center -> Create Column
  • Type a Column Name and optional description
  • Assign the Points Possible value
  • Choose a Primary Display Type
  • Under Options, determine if the entry should be visible for student viewing
  • Submit

Enter Grades

  • Control Panel -> Grade Center -> Full Grade Center
  • Click on the cell beside the student you wish to grade below the appropriate column / assessment
  • Enter the Grade and hit the Enter key to save and move to the next student.

Import CLEW Content into Course

From CLEW - copy into Blackboard Course

  • Course Menu -> Course Tools
  • CLEW Import
  • Select CLEW course -> Submit
  • Select tool(s) with content to copy (Read instructions per tool)
  • Submit
  • Find content under similar tool name in Course Menu
  • Check over for accuracy and errors

Export Content / Course Archive

Export Content - Package

  • Control Panel -> Packages and Utilities
  • Export/Archive Course -> Export Package
  • Select appropriate settings and select course materials
  • Submit
  • Email will be sent when archive available for download
  • Click on zip file link on Export/Archive page to download.

This Export Package contains only the parts of the course that were selected.

To import into new course shell - Use Import Package / View Logs -> Import Package -> Browse to zip file -> select all course materials as above -> Submit.

Create Course Archive

  • As above except
  • Export/Archive Course -> Archive Course
  • Select appropriate settings
  • Submit
  • An email will be sent when the archive is available to download. Click on the zip file link on the Export/Archive page to download.

The Archive contains every part of course, including student work.

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