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Blackboard Collaborate is the University of Windsor's Web based teaching platform

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Recommended Equipment (June 2020)

Instructors who are seeking recommendations for equipment for presenting through the Virtual Classroom or preparing videos may be interested in the following list. Note that other options may also work well, but these items have been tested and are known to be reliable. To get the best prices at the vendor of your choice, please search out this equipment with your chosen search engine.
Recommended Equipment


  • Wired – Logitech h540
  • Wireless – Logitech h600


  • Logitech c920

Webconference Microphone:

  • MXL AC-406

Higher End Recording Microphones:

  • Snowball Ice Blue USB microphone, or
  • Audio-technica ATR2100-USB (or more recent versions), or
  • MXL Tempo USB condenser Microphone

Wireless Microphones:

Samson Stage XPD1 There are two version – one is handheld and the other can clip to your collar.

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