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This is a current log of all Blackboard outage events.

Event Date/Time Event Description Event Resolution
June 13th 7AM-11AM, 2016 Blackboard System Outage Blackboard was unavailable during this time due to instability caused by the unexpected shutdown previously due to an air conditioner failure.
June 12th 7:00AM-5:30PM, 2016 Blackboard System Outage An air conditioner failed in the Computer Centre , causing most University systems, including Blackboard to shut down. Access to Blackboard was restored around 5:30pm.
June 8th 7-7:30PM, 2016 Blackboard Login Issues The connection between Blackboard and its authentication service was interrupted and caused some users not to be able to log in during this period.
May 30th 12-12:30PM, 2016 Blackboard System Outage An error with the connection to the Blackboard database required Blackboard servers to be restarted.
May 11th 7-8AM, 2016 Blackboard System Outage A network error caused Blackboard's database to go offline for approximately 45 minutes. Once the database was brought back online, Blackboard's application servers were restarted in order to remedy any lasting effects from the lost connection.
Feb 12th, 2016 4:30PM-7PM Blackboard Login Issues Blackboard lost its connection to the University's authentication system. A configuration change was made to Blackboard to fix the issue and the problem was resolved.
Feb 12th, 2016 6AM-8AM Blackboard System Outage A network service interruption during scheduled network maintenance caused Blackboard to go down and subsequently disabled Blackboard's database. Service was restored alongside other Uwindsor applications.
Dec 8th 4PM to Dec 9th 10:15AM, 2015 Blackboard Email Notifications Outtage During this period an issue with the University's email system caused several Blackboard email notifications to not be sent. Tools affected include Annoucements, Email and other general Blackboard notifications.
Nov 25th, 2015 3PM Blackboard Database Outage An issue with the Blackboard database caused a temporary disruption to a portion of our Blackboard servers.
Nov 19th, 2015 11:45AM, 6:30PM-12AM, 7:30AM-8AM Blackboard Database Outage An issue with the Blackboard database caused a full service outage during these times. The problem has been resolved.
Oct 29th, 2015 3:45PM Blackboard Server Error An unplanned server outage caused user errors (out of space) when students trying to upload assignments after 3:45 pm. The errors were similar to this: Could not parse multipart servlet request; nested exception is org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadBase$IOFileUploadException: Processing of multipart/form-data request failed. There is not enough space on the disk. For reference, the Error ID is c4aee752-303b-49b2-9778-60f92bb0356e. The issue has now been resolved.
Sept 29th, 2015 3PM-5PM Blackboard Database Issue The previously recorded issue occurred again and was permanently remedied by Blackboard Support.
Sept 26th, 2015 - Sept 28th, 2015 Blackboard Database Issues An issue with Blackboard's database caused instability during these dates. It resulted in a full system outage on Sept 28th from 3PM-5PM.
Sept 17th, 2015 2:45PM-3PM University network outage An unplanned network outage caused users to be unable to reach the Blackboard system.
Apr 2nd, 2015 7:30AM-9AM Blackboard System Outage A planned network configuration change external to the Blackboard system caused an unexpected outage for Blackboard.
Mar 28th, 2015 5AM-1PM Planned Campus Wide Service Outage A planned campus wide service outage caused Blackboard and many other systems to be unavailable.
Mar 27th, 2015 5AM-11AM Blackboard System Outage An issue with the database server that serves Blackboard caused it to be unavailable for a number of hours.