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Blackboard Online Self-Paced, Non-Facilitated Courses

Welcome to the Online Blackboard Course Series offered through the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Working through the course(s) should help familiarize you with the possibilities available with Blackboard Learn!

Please read prior to entering the course to ensure a successful experience.

Logging in to Blackboard

The Blackboard login link is

  • Use your UWin ID and password - Case sensitive

Navigating the Online Non-Facilitated Courses from Blackboard

  1. Courses will be listed with a course code and title, for example GS-O-W19-01: Getting Started with Blackboard (click the Courses available with online training thumbnail image to expand).
    Courses available with online training
    Courses available with online training
  2. You may see the term “your facilitator” referenced occasionally in the course content or during course activities. Please note – you will not be assigned a facilitator for any of the online courses, nor receive feedback (due to resources available). The courses are offered for your personal exploration only. We do encourage you, however, to perform the tasks suggested to receive the full benefit of the learning from the course. You will be enrolled in the courses as a student.
  3. Edit Mode
    Edit Mode
    You may occasionally see a course referred to as a “Developmental Course”. For University of Windsor instructors, when you log into Blackboard, you will see a Sandbox site instead, named BBSB-youruwinid: Blackboard Sandbox for "your uwinid" (see image above) listed among your courses. This site is to be used as your Developmental Course and can be used for all of your Blackboard training (both online and face-to-face session). In your Sandbox site, you are enrolled as an instructor. Ensure you are in "Edit Mode" ON to have the full functionality as an instructor available (click thumbnail image to expand). If you are in "Student View" you won't be able to make changes to the site. If your Sandbox site is missing, please submit a Service Request at

Feedback and Support

  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please submit a support ticket to, or by phone at 519-253-3000 ext 4440.
  • If you would like some specific support for adopting a tool for pedagogical purposes or in planning or redesigning your course, staff from the Centre for Teaching and Learning or the Office of Open Learning would be happy to work with you. Please contact us by emailing for further information. Also, if you have any feedback about using these online courses, we would be happy to hear it at the same email address.

Finding Your Course Sites

Finding Blackboard Courses
Finding Blackboard Courses

Navigate once you have logged into Blackboard and look to the top menu, and select Courses. Note: you will also have a Sandbox that you can use to experiment and practice with while building your actual courses, as well as the Introduction to Blackboard course where you can learn more about how to work with this new system.

From now on, all of your academic course sites will be automatically generated as soon as the course exists in UWinsite Student and you are identified as the instructor of record. Students will also be enrolled automatically as they register. The course will be set to be unavailable to students until you make the site active (see below).

Practice Course

Some of the online training courses feature an additional course available to you called the “Practice Course.” If you’ve enrolled in a course where this extra course is mentioned, one will be assigned to you. The Practice Course contains a collection of sample student data for you to act on in various exercises throughout the courses and is called "Introduction to Astronomy". You will be enrolled as an instructor in this course. If it is not available, and your course requires it, please complete a Service Request to get one set up.

Blackboard Help Version
Blackboard Help Version
Additionally, self-help learning articles and videos are available at Also, UWindsor has an extensive online support site at

Tools to help you use Blackboard

  • Please note that by default, your courses will not be available to students until you launch them. You can make courses available whenever you are ready to do so by clicking in the site’s Control Panel: Customization -> Properties ->Set Availability (select Yes) -> Submit, or clicking the red lock icon located beside the Edit Mode option in the top right part of your site.
Set Site to be Available
Set Site to be Available

Transfer Final Grades

  • If you are already teaching in Blackboard, please note that a Transfer Final Grades tool is now available in sites under Course Tools. Documentation on using the tool is available: Transfer Final Grades wiki article


Training to help you successfully launch your courses will be available either online or in F-2-F training, found at

Online Courses

Perfect for faculty who are comfortable navigating an online course, and who prefer to work in their own time, these online courses are self-paced, just in time learning modules that can provide in-depth training on a wide range of tools

Face-to-Face Workshops

Designed to provide an overview of Blackboard and a brief orientation to its tools and features, these workshops will get you started in the Blackboard environment. Please note: there are limited spots for the face-to-face training sessions, so register now to avoid missing your chance.

Faculty Specific Workshops

Faculty Specific Workshops Designed to provide a more customized experience that addresses common issues in your Faculty, workshops can be customized to enhance your use of Blackboard tools and features. Further Faculty specific workshops can be set up upon request by contacting


More information on the Blackboard project is available at:

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