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University of Windsor - Blackboard Help

Welcome to the University of Windsor's Blackboard Help articles!
Below you will find a collection of articles, FAQ's, and known issues for Blackboard.

Web Browsers

First of all, is your browser able to support you accessing Blackboard?Green Checkmark
Check it out, by clicking the link to the online browser checker . You can also add this quick link into your course site if you are an instructor - http://www.uwindsor.ca/bbchecker. Note, Chrome will no longer be supporting java applet functionality as of September 2015, therefore, it is recommended that you use Firefox instead. Safari and Internet Explorer are also supported, but may have some issues.

Blackboard Login

If you wish to login to Blackboard you can use this link:

Blackboard Login

Quick Start Guide

If you want to have a brief, step-by-step, checklist for the most commonly used functions for instructors, please visit the Bb Quick Start Guide. For more complex tasks, please see the topic list below for more online support. Printable pdf version

Instructor and Assistant's Blackboard Training

Please visit http://www.uwindsor.ca/bbworkshops to see what current training events are offered. Additionally, once you log into Blackboard, view Blackboard campus training options by selecting the Training tab at the top of the screen along side the Courses, Home and Organizations tab. There are face-to-face sessions in addition to online courses, and video supports at Lynda.com for staff and faculty.

Blackboard A-Z Articles for Instructors

Blackboard LMS

Instructor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)