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A successful transition to a new learning management system involves many key players and stages. The initial pilot project involved selecting a group of courses where students would not be negatively impacted by using two simultaneous learning management systems. The Centre for Executive and Professional Education's Teaching Advanced Qualifications courses matched this criteria and were fully utilizing Blackboard Learn by Fall 2014.

Early Adopters

Part of this important transition involves selecting a group of early adopters, who are willing to take a chance on increased workload and potential frustration in order to help the institution and their colleagues prepare for the eventual adoption of the new system in their Faculty. They would need to be willing to provide the team information about what is important to their constituents, receive training in advance of using the system, serve as a liaison between their faculty members and the LMS support team, and willing to become a member of a learning community.

In the days ahead, criteria for selection of those early adopters and the types of courses that would best serve this phase of the transition will be posted here. Check back frequently for updates! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the CLEW Team at clew@uwindsor.ca.

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