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The Blackboard Quiz Generator was developed to help you create quizzes for Blackboard. It allows you to type up the quiz offline in a program like Word or Notepad and not have to go through the trouble of making long quizzes via the Blackboard web interface. Please be advised, use this tool at your own risk and carefully check your results!

Simply type or paste your quiz in the text area and click the Create Quiz button. This will produce a ZIP file that you can import into the Pool Manager in Blackboard.

The University of Windsor Blackboard Quiz Generator, courtesy of the College of Southern Idaho, is available for the public to use free of charge. The Quiz Generator tool is provided as-is with no guarantee as to its accuracy or availability, and UWindsor does not provide support for non-UWindsor personnel.

How to use the Test Generator


This short video below will help you understand how to use the test generator. Note: you may need to log in with your UWin ID and password to access the video.

Image link to Using the Blackboard Quiz Generator video


Using the Blackboard Quiz Generator involves three main steps: creating a test in Word, saving the test, and adding the test pool to Blackboard.

Create Test in Word
  1. Create a new Word document (or Notepad file) and create your test. Each question must have a number (they don't have to be in numerical order). Skip one line between questions and refer to the Question Types and Format section below for instructions on formatting each question type.
  2. Once you have created your test in Word, copy and paste the test into the text box in the Blackboard Quiz Generator.
  3. Give your test a name. If you don't name the file, the final pool will be named Blackboard Quiz.
  4. Click Create Quiz.

If you see the message "Your test appears to contain (number) question(s)." and the number matches the number of questions you were trying to add, then the generator worked.

If the number doesn't match or you see the message "Your test appears to contain 0 question(s).", you'll need to try again.

Save Test
  1. Once you think the quiz generator worked properly, click the Download the generated quiz button.
  2. Save the zip file to your local drive. Do not open or edit the zip file.

Note: If you are using Safari as your web browser, there is a known issue where zip files automatically open. To prevent this from happening, please adjust the Safari browser settings.

Add Pool to Blackboard
  1. Go to Blackboard. Open your course and go to Control Panel.
  2. Click Course Tools and choose Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
  3. Click Pools.
  4. Click the Import Pool button near the top of the page.
  5. On the Pool Import page, click Browse My Computer and navigate to your zip file.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. You should see a confirmation page that the Pool Import is complete. Click OK.
  8. You can now open your pool and edit the questions as needed.

If you want to create a test from a pool, you will need to know how to use the Reuse Questions feature.

Basic Information

  • Questions and answers start with an identifier (typically a number or letter) followed by a period or parenthesis, followed by the question or answer text on a single line.
  • Don't use newlines or return characters except when you're going on to the next question or answer. This is especially important if you're pasting in questions from another program like Word.
  • Separate your questions with a blank line.

Question Types and Format

There are six available question types:

Below are formatting instructions for each question type.

Multiple Choice

  • Question on a single line.
  • Answers immediately following the question.
  • Asterisk (*) in front of the correct choice.

1. Which of the following is a prime number?
a) 4
*b) 5
c) 6

Multiple Answer

  • Exactly the same as multiple-choice, only with multiple answers marked correct.
  • Question on a single line.
  • Answers immediately following the question.
  • Asterisk (*) in front of all correct choices.

1. Which of the following is a prime number?
*a) 2
*b) 3
d) 4
*e) 5
f) 6
*g) 7


  • Question on a single line
  • The answer on the next line.
  • Can be any of the following: T, t, True, TRUE, true, F, f, False, FALSE, false

1. 3 is a prime number.


  • This is simply a question with no answer given.

1. Tell me your life story.

Fill in the blank

  • Begin your question with the keyword: blank
  • Leave a blank (such as _____) somewhere in the question.
  • Give all of the possible correct answers.

blank 1. Two plus two equals _____.

  • a. four
  • b. 4


  • Begin your question with the keyword: match
  • Put the matches separated by slashes (/).
  • You can have entries with no match, i.e. leave the other side blank.
  • The entries will be randomized.

match 1. Match the number with its spelling.

  • a. 3 / three
  • b. 1 / one
  • c. 12 / twelve
  • d. 4 /
  • e. / fore
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