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CLEW Blackboard
Course Design Lessons Glossy 3d blue arrow leftSmall.png Organize content for effective presentation to students Glossy3dBlueArrowRightSmall.png Learning Modules
Lesson Plans
Syllabus To make the course syllabus easy to find Syllabus
Enter Student View To see the course just as a student would Enter Student Preview
Communications Announcements Communicate important messages with all students Announcements
Email Send an email Email
Email Instructor Send an email to the instructor only (Email)
Within-course text messages Course Messages
Interactive Tools Forums Asynchronous threaded discussions Discussion Board
Virtual Classroom Conducting online synchronous classes (through Blackboard) Blackboard Collaborate
Synchronous chat with drawing capacity Whiteboard
Private journal (only instructor and students can see) Journal
Blog, available to instructor and students Blogs
Grading Grade book Glossy 3d blue arrow leftSmall.png Recording, tracking, and calculating all grades Glossy3dBlueArrowRightSmall.png Grade Centre
Drop Box For submitting assignments Submission (included in assessment tool)
Feedback Where student grades are posted My Grades
Assessment Quizzes and Tests II Multiple Choice Questions. (Note BB supports many types) Test
Poll Ungraded Multiple Choice Questions Survey
Assignment Longer Written Assignments Assignment
Automated distribution of assignments for peer or self-review Self and Peer Assessment
Built-in tool for portfolio design Course Portfolios
Plagiarism detection Safe Assign
Administration Resources Repository of course content files Content Collection
Roster List of Participants Users
Sections Subdividing a class for group work or TA assignments, etc. Groups
Site Stats Tracking analytic data on usage Course Reports
Monitoring student performance Performance Dashboard
Site Editor Glossy 3d blue arrow leftSmall.png Most of the main settings Glossy3dBlueArrowRightSmall.png Control Panel