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Workshops and Drop-in Sessions to Facilitate Online Preparedness for Disruptions to Classes

"Computer training and skills with consultant and laptop"
In the event of an emergency situation such as the outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID-19 there are supports available to help you get materials for your classes online.

If you're looking for virtual help, join us in the BB Cafe virtual classroom from 9am-8pm daily.

If you're looking for virtual help, join us in the BB Cafe virtual classroom from 9am-8pm daily.

GATA Support

GATA Network Coordinators, Laura Chittle and Elizabeth Ismail, will be holding virtual drop-in office hours at the following times through Blackboard Collaborate to answer questions that you may have about online teaching:
• Monday, March 16th from 3-4pm and 6-7pm
• Tuesday, March 17th from 10-11am and 1-2pm
• Wednesday, March 18th from 10-11am and 3-4pm
• Additional office hours to be announced Thursday.

The Virtual Office can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Remote Teaching Support

  • Find help with the virtual classroom and other changes to your teaching, staff will be available for help 9am-5pm daily on the BB Cafe (if the link doesn't work, go to your Blackboard Organizations > BB Cafe > Virtual Classroom)

Tutorials for the virtual classroom on Blackboard

Tutorials for recording PowerPoint

Basics of Online Teaching

The Office of Open Learning is hosting a series of drop-in sessions to help instructors with getting prepared to offer all or parts of their course in an online, or hybrid mode.

Monday–Friday, 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM. Access this location at 700 California Ave, and come to the second floor.

Blackboard University of Windsor One-on-One Training

Book a session with a member of the CTL-LMS Team to get support with using all of Blackboard's tools to assist your online teaching needs. You can either have a face-to-face consultation or a virtual consultation providing you have speakers, a robust internet connection, microphone and a connected device.

Blackboard (Vendor) Run Training

Blackboard is offering free 30-minute webinars designed for those who are new to the Blackboard Learn or Collaborate environment and need to make a transition to deliver instruction remotely. A webinar is also being offered on how to design your content so that it is mobile friendly. Click on the link below to register and to find more information about the specific workshops.

Online Self-paced Courses to Learn How to Use Blackboard

"Blackboard Learn's logo
The University of Windsor has purchased access to and modified these online courses from Blackboard to provide self-paced (non-facilitated) learning to members of campus. Choose from 11 different courses that you can begin and explore only what you need to get your task done. Topics within the courses and the time estimated for full completion are listed in the description. Once you register for the course with your UWinID, you will automatically be enrolled in the online course. Access by logging into Blackboard at and view the newly registered course through the Courses tab. Allow for at least an hour to sync from the registration system to Blackboard.

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