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With assignments in Blackboard Learn, you can customize an assignment to include an assignment description, point value, and file attachments. Additionally, you can facilitate multiple submissions, and invoke plagarism detection software to provide you with an originality report. You can create assignments from any Content Area and you can also create Group assignments see Create Group Assignments.

Creating/ Marking Assignments

Creating an Assignment

The assignments tool enables instructors to collect any document type submission from either individuals or groups of students. Assignments can be linked with a rubric to outline the main points and distribution of grades. After a submission is received assignments can be annotated, checked for plagiarism detection, given feedback, and assigned a final mark.

To get started, navigate to your course and select a content area such as “Resources” in which the assignment will be created. If you would like a new content area solely for Assignments click on the plus sign and select Content Area. A name of your choice such as “Assignments” can be given. (2 Images to be added: 1. Adding Content Area for Assignments 2. Naming Content Area)

Adding Content Area Naming Content Area

Once in a content area navigate to Assessments and select Assignment.

(Image to be added: 3. Assessments to Assignment)

Navigating to Assignments Tool

Important Assignment Settings:

  1. The first step is to assign a name and add a set of instructions.
  2. Files can be attached for further details relating to the assignment.
  3. Set a due date.
  4. Add a total score for the assignment.
  5. A Rubric can be added or created.
  6. Under Submission Details select Individual or Group submissions and set a number of attempts. The plagiarism tool can be enabled.
  7. Display of grades allows you to select if the grade should be included in final grade calculations as well as whether or not to show students their grades. The type of display can also be altered between Score, Text, Percentage, Complete/Incomplete, and Pass/Fail.

The final stage of settings allows for Limited Availibity. Display After and Display Until dates can be set to show and hide the assignment from students at the given dates. When all the settings have been set click Submit at the top or bottom of the page. The assignment you created will be visible at the bottom of the list in the content area it was created.

Marking assignments

Once the assignments are submitted by students the instructor can go into Needs Marking to review, mark, annotate, and leave feedback on student’s assignments. To get started navigate to your Course Management tool bar and expand the Grade Centre section and click on Needs Marking as shown below.

(Image to be added: 4. Needs Marking to Grade Assignment)

Navigating to Needs Marking Tool

Graders can filter how the contents of Needs Marking are displayed by selecting only a specific Assignment to be shown under Item filter or mark all submission by a particular student by selecting a specific User. Results can also be filtered by Date Submitted as shown below. To begin the marking process enter the User Attempt as shown below.

(Image to be added: 5. Need Marking Filtering Results)

Filtering Needs Marking Results

There are many things that can be done during the grading process. Some of the features are outlined below with the image as a reference.

  1. Comment, Draw, Highlight, add Text or Strikeout on the students assignment as part of the marking process if desired. (The assignments must be submitted in .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .txt, .rtf, .pdf and .html file formats to allow for this feature)
  2. Assign Grade
  3. Check Plagiarism Report. In this case, as the text was copied from a wiki article to show the plagiarism tool in action, the tool returns a 100% overall match.
  4. Leave Feedback for the student.
  5. Save draft if marking is not finished, otherwise, Submit when finished.

(Image to be added: 6. Marking Assignment with Crocodoc SafeAssign and Feedback)

Marking Assignments