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==Searching for Course==
==Searching for Course==
*Head to the ''Courses'' section open the '''Administrator Panel.'''
*                 Head to the ''Courses'' section open the '''Administrator Panel.'''
**[[File:course search.png|100px]]
**[[File:course search.png|100px]]
*Search for your course.  
*Search for your course.  

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Add Users to Course Site Blackboard

Searching for Course

  • Head to the Courses section open the Administrator Panel.
    • Course search.png
  • Search for your course.
    • Course search pt2.png

Searching the User

  • In the control panel of the course, click on the Users section.
    • Users.png
  • Click on the Search Users to Enrol option.
  • If you know the username and role of the student you may use the immediate search bar.
  • If you do not know, then you may use the browse option.
    • Searchandbrowse.png

Enrolling the User

  • Once the user result is shown, you may submit them to the course.
    • UsersResults.png
  • Make sure to set availability and role, then submit again to proceed.
    • Adding.png
  • Hit submit, then the user will be added to the course.

Changing a User's Role

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