Dealing with Disruptive Students in Blackboard Virtual Classroom

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Removing permissions

If students are using the collaborative features in Blackboard's Virtual Classroom to disrupt the class, follow the steps below to disable those features for students.

  1. In your Virtual Classroom, click the purple tab with the two chevrons found in the bottom left corner of your screen to open your collaborate panel.
    "purple button to open collaborate panel"
  2. Select the gear icon in the bottom menu and select Session Settings.
    "gear icon and Session Settings"
  3. In the Session Settings, remove the check mark beside the option you want to remove for your students by clicking on the check mark. You can remove the ability to Share Audio, Share Video, Post chat Messages and/or Draw on whiteboard and files. The action takes effect immediately without a save or submit option.
"remove permissions"

Remove a Student

  1. You can also remove a student from a Virtual Classroom. Select the Participants icon in the bottom menu.
    "Participant icon"
  2. Click the three dots beside the student you would like to remove from the classroom and select Remove from session.
"Remove from session"

Enable Student Participation

To enable a student to speak, write a chat, turn on their video, or interact with a white board, you will need to enable these options for all students. Select the gear icon in the bottom menu, select Session Settings. and click in the box to add a check mark beside the option you want to enable for your students.

"enable participant permissions"

Alternatively, you can temporarily promote individual students to Presenter to allow them to speak, write, turn on their video, and interact with the white board. Click on the Participant icon, then the three dots beside the student you want to promote, and then select Make presenter.
Return the student to Participant when they are finished. Click on the Participant icon, then the three dots beside the student, and then select Make Participant.
Note: Presenter permission will also permit them to advance and interact with the slides and share content with the class.

"make presenter"

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